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Movement types-in-sap-mm

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Movement types-in-sap-mm

  1. 1. Movement Types MM-IM Task Force LogisticsSAP AG Page 1Movement Types MM-IMThis document was created in the context of the Retail Task Force Logistics. Its aim is to help con-sultants solve concrete problems in customer projects.You can find more documents on the Task Force Logistics under the Expert Knowledge Corner inhttp://service.sap.com/retail.
  2. 2. Movement Types MM-IM Task Force LogisticsSAP AG Page 2DescriptionThe following questions are dealt with in the presentation:• What are movement types?• What influences them and how are they influenced (possible configurations)?• How are movement types classified?• Which are the most important tables/transactions?The configurations are also explained by numerous examples.Important terms that are used in this environment include:• Value and quantity update• Movement indicator• Special stock indicator• Receipt indicator• Consumption indicatoramong many others.(Comment: Read the notes in the presentation.)MovementTypes_MM-IM.ppt
  3. 3. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000SAP AGMovement Types in MM-IM
  4. 4. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Contentsl Introductionl Table T156SY with value strings/quantity stringsl Other movement type tables
  5. 5. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000What is a Movement Type?l Key for a specific goods movement (incomplete)l Quantity update (stock tables)l Value update (FI document, account determination)l Screen layout (dialog only)l GR/GI slip printl Checks (min. shelf life, dynamic availability, etc.)l Link to WM, QM, serial numbers
  6. 6. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Stock Tables OverviewVendorPlantCustomerGR-blockedstockReturnsMARD-RETMESubcontractorMSSL/MSLB(Sobkz = O)unrestricted/QConsignmentMSKU(Sobkz = V)unrestricted/QReturnablepackagingMSKU(Sobkz = W)unrestricted/QCustomer orderMSSA/MSKA(Sobkz = E)unrestrictedQ/SProject stockMSSQ/MSPR(Sobkz = Q)unrestrictedQ/SVendor consignment/RTPMKOL (Sobkz = K, M)unrestricted Q/SStorage locationMARDunrestricted/Q/S+ transfer (313/5)Batches(MCHB)Plant level MARCtransfer (MARC-UMLMC - 303/5)transit (MARC-TRAME - 641)101 601103 105 453 651Consumption201
  7. 7. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Classification of Movement Typesl 1xx GR from purchasing/production + returnsl 2xx GI for consumptionl 3xx, 4xx Transfersl 5xx GR without reference to PO or PP orderl 6xx LE-SHP movement typesl 7xx Physical inventory (MM-IM: 70x / WM: 71x)l 8xx Brazill Customer range: 9xx, Xxx, Yxx, Zxxl Complete list and description: see IMG MM-IM
  8. 8. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Movement Type Tables: Customizablel T156 Definition (key: Bwart)l T156B Screen layout (46C: MIGO_CUST_FIELDS) (Bwart + Sobkz)Batch determinationl T156SC WM mvt, availability check (complete key) (< 4.6: T156S)l T156Q QM inspection lot origin, HUl T156X Account modifier (KOMOK)l T156T Short textl T158B Allowed movement types per transactionl T157H Longer text per transaction / special stockl T157D Reason for movementl T156N Subsequent movement typesl TMCA LIS statistic group
  9. 9. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Customizing Movement Type: OMJJl All customizable movement type tables can bemaintained with OMJJ (Customizing MM-IM)l View-Cluster MB_156l No new entries possible, only copyl Do not create own movement types only to change acustomizing field!l To copy a movement type do not forget to select thewhole range because you want to copy to 9xx range
  10. 10. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Movement Type Tables: System Tablesl T156SY Quantity / value strings (< 4.6: T156S)l T156W Value strings (Key: BUSTW)l T156M Quantity strings (Key: BUSTM)n T156F Field segmentsn T156C Stock types for LIS
  11. 11. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Table T156SY,Value Strings, Quantity Strings
  12. 12. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Movement Type 101 OverviewVendorPlantSubcontractorMSSL/MSLB(Sobkz = O)Unrestricted/QCustomer orderMSSA/MSKA(Sobkz = E)UnrestrictedQ/SProject stockMSSQ/MSPR(Sobkz = Q)UnrestrictedQ/SVendor consignment/RTPMKOL (Sobkz = K, M)Unrestricted Q/SStorage locationMARDUnrestrictedQuality inspectionBlocked stockBatches(MCHB)Transit stock(MARC-TRAME)101 FProduction101 BInsmk _, 2, 3101 B + Kzzug X101 BK / MSobkz OEQConsumptionKzvbr V
  13. 13. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Central Table T156S (T156SY + T156SC)l Contains the complete key for a specific movementl T156S was split in 4.6A inton T156SY: client-independent, system table BUSTW/BUSTM,...n T156SC: client-dependent, customizable WM mvt types, ...l Key field BUSTR for T156SY derived from T156l Old customer mvt types have their own BUSTRl New customer mvt type: BUSTR for T156SY is copiedfrom standard mvt type
  14. 14. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Key for T156SY and T156SCBWART101901BUSTR101101T156BUSTR ...101 ...BUSTWWE01T156SYBWART ...101 ...901 ...Avail. check0102T156SC
  15. 15. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000From Movement Type to Value/Quantity StringUser enters dataMovement type 201Transaction MB1ANo special stockPlant 0001Material XYZProgram reads T156SY (old: T156S)Value string ref. BUSTR 201Mvt indicator KZBEW spaceSpecial stock SOBKZ spaceValue update WERTU XQuantity update MENGU XReceipt indicator KZZUG spaceConsumption indic. KZVBR spaceand finds…Value string BUSTW WA01Quantity string BUSTM MA01T158-KZBEW (transaction)T134M (material type)T156-BUSTR (mvt type)
  16. 16. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000
  17. 17. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Movement Indicator KZBEWl Needed to differentiate betweenn GR for purchase order (101 B)n GR for production order (101 F)l Depends on transaction (T158) for MB transactionsl Filled by MB_CREATE callers in IMSEG(variable in VL02 / VL32)l Possible values:n B = purchase ordern F = production order (not repetitive manufacturing)n L = LE-SHP deliveryn Space= movement without purchase/production orderl L/Space: will probably merge together in next releases
  18. 18. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Receipt Indicator KZZUGl Filled only in case of transport ordersl Movement types 351/641/643 (GI) and 101 (GR)l MB_CREATE: filled for T156-KZBWA 1,3,4,5(set in MB_CREATE_GOODS_ISSUE_ITEM_TRA)l MB11/MB01: is not set by purchase order interface(EBEFU/BBEFU). It is set internally by SAPMM07M
  19. 19. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Consumption Indicator KZVBR (1)l GR for PO: depends on assignment category in T163K(OME9). Table T163K also sets special stock SOBKZ.l SD and PP also work with table T163Kl Values:n space normal goods issue with MB1An V account assignment K (normal consumption)n A account assignment A (assets)n E/P used for non-valuated special stocks E/Ql Valuated special stock E/Q (KZBWS not initial):T156SY is read with KZVBR spacel Used by SD and QM to determine if an assignment toCO object is necessary
  20. 20. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Consumption Indicator KZVBR (2)l Set externally by LE-SHP, MM-PUR, PPl Database checks with SE16:n LIPS-KZVBR inbound/outbound deliveryn EKPO-KZVBR purchase ordern AFPO-KZVBR production orderl Debugging: check incoming interfacesn MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT: internal table IMSEGn MM07MFB7, call ME_READ_ITEM_GOODS_RECEIPT: XEBEFUn MM07MPPS, call CO_SF_ITEM_GOODS_RECEIPT: XFBEFU
  21. 21. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000From Value String to Processing KeyT156SYbustr 201wertu Xmengu Xsobkz spacekzbew spacekzzug spacekzvbr spaceValuationprogramSAPLMBGBForm WA01Table XACCITBSX 300000 -20GBB 400000 +20AccountinginterfaceTable XZCXCM(1) BSX H - 20(2) GBB S +20(3) PRD 0(4) BSX 0(5) UMB 0Customer account table T030BSX 300000GBB VBR 400000MR_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENTTable T156W: WA01(1) BSX(2) GBB(3) PRD(4) BSX(5) UMBLoop at X156WT156X:account modifier(2) VBR
  22. 22. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000
  23. 23. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156X: Account Modifier (KOMOK)l Counter CNT02 in T156X refers to counter in T156W(= identifier for processing key)l Only possible for GBB, PRD, KON, AUM, (WRX?)l SD/QM: KZVBR leads to different account modifiersdepending on KZVBR (set if CO object needed):n SD uses VAX and VAY (CO object for VAY) (movement type 601)n QM uses VQP and VQY (CO object for VQY) (movement type 331)l In case of valuated special stock E/Q (KZBWS set), we readn Table T156SY w/o KZVBRn Table T156X with KZVBR (E/P/V)
  24. 24. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156X: Indicator XPKON (1)l XPKON = X means account assignment data (CO object) willbe copied to XACCIT of that processing key (usually GBB)l Copying of CO object also depends on field selection inT156B (OMBW). See note 117596 for special stock E/Q.= possible solution to message KI235 for GBB linel Manual account is also be copied to that linel Can also be set for PRD/AUM if customer wants thesame CO object for price differences(possible for AUM since 30F, note 13984)= possible solution to message KI235 for PRD/AUM line
  25. 25. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156X: Indicator XPKON (2)l Entry 101 is necessary for GR for PO with accountassignment (value string WE06 processing key KBS)l KBS means we copy the account from the PO, so noaccount determination is necessary (already done)
  26. 26. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Check Strings in Material Documentsl SE16 MSEG containsn All T156SY fields (Bwart, Mengu, Wertu, Kzbew, Kzvbr, Kzzug)n Value string BUSTWn Quantity string BUSTM
  27. 27. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156M: Quantity Strings for Simple MovementsBWART +SOBKZT156SHKZGT156SYBUSTMT156BUMSOKT156M T156F501 S (+) MA01 MA01 – 1 = L01 MARD-LABST201 H (-) MA01 MA01 – 1 = L01 MARD-LABST201K H (-) MAK1 MAK1 – 1 = LK0 K01 MARD-KLABS + MKOL-SLABSBWART +SOBKZT156SHKZGT156SYBUSTMT156BUMSOKT156M T156F501 S (+) MA01 MA01 2 1 = LQ1 MARD-INSME201 H (–) MA01 MA01 2 1 = LQ1 MARD-INSME201K H (–) MAK1 MAK1 2 1 = LKQ KQ1 MARD-KINSM + MKOL-SINSMMovements 501, 201 and 201K without QMMovements 501, 201 and 201K with QM501: GR from vendor without purchase order201: GI for cost center201K: GI for cost center from vendor consignment
  28. 28. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156M: Quantity Strings for TransfersBWART +SOBKZT156SHKZGT156SYBUSTMT156BUMSOKT156M T156F301 H (–) MA04 MA01 – 1 = L01MA01 – 2 = L01MARD-LABST (–)MARD-LABST (+)411K H (–) MAK4 MAK4 – 1 = LK0 K01MAK4 – 2 = L01MARD-KLABS MKOL-SLABS (–)MARD-LABST (+)413Q H (–) MAAQ E MAAQ – 1 = Q01 QSLMAAQ – 2 = A01 ASLMSPR-PRLAB MSSQ-SQLAB (–)MSKA-KALAB MSSA-SALAB (+)453 S (+) MAR1 MAR1 – 1 = L01MAR1 – 2 = LR0MARD-LABST (+)MARD-RETME (–)301: Transfer from plant to plant in one step (no PO, unrestricted stock)411K: Transfer from vendor consignment to unrestricted storage location413Q: Transfer from project stock (Q) to customer order stock (E) - unrestricted453: Transfer from returns stock to unrestricted storage location
  29. 29. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000Other Movement Type Tables
  30. 30. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156N: Subsequent Movement Typesl Key: FCODE + BWARTl ST 601 > 602: cancel movement type (used inMB_CANCEL_GOODS_MOVEMENT)l RL 101 > 122: return delivery transaction MBRLl Special codes for automatic movements:n WEUB 647-> 101 (one-step transfer with transfer PO)n LBWA -> 543 (GI of components during GR subcontracting)
  31. 31. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T156B: Screen Layoutl Field modification for MB11 transactionsl Not possible for MB01 (101 mvt types) as accountassignment is copied from POl Determines also which account assignments will becopied to FI documentl Not used in MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENTl MIGO: new table MIGO_CUST_FIELDS
  32. 32. ®ã SAP AG 2000 BWART 05/2000T158B: Allowed Movement Typesl Allowed movement types per transactionl MB_CREATE callers are responsible for creating theentries in T158B for their own transactionl Help view available for T158B/T157H
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