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Urjakart.com - Pitch Deck

Urjakart.com is India's fastest growing online home improvement store. This presentation is the pitch deck for Angel funding for Urjakart.com

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Urjakart.com - Pitch Deck

  1. 1. URJAKART. COM India's Fastest Growing Online Home Improvement Store
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM Unorganized Sector Lack of Knowledge Inefficient Services Customers have limited Customer's practical Services are hard to access to home knowledge is negligible find and highly time improvement catalog inefficient
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION Online Store for Home Improvement
  4. 4. ADVANTAGES ) Browse Call Save Simple & quicker Highly trained staff for URJABZB services for access to a large information and Retailers / Installers to selection of home custom project start business and improvement development increase savings products
  5. 5. MARKET SIZE $10 BILLION Indian Home Improvement Retail Market Growing at 18% pa
  6. 6. Ihilliirn Elli Organized Market Organized Retail Market in India IT}. . I A )4 RI {I T Wi rpinsi) I I "t ' xl, I‘-= ~iiIIi: ;n~ ‘it? E—retail Market Share Expected Market Share of E—retail in India P‘. I , _». ,ix §nl‘IIIi’ II‘ 41} DIY E—retail Market Share Expected Market Share of E—retail of Home Improvement in India
  7. 7. BUSINESS PLAN ) ) Organized Service Fee Revenue Market (expected) Organized Retail Our Service Fee varies 2015 _ 2015 Market in India from I0°/ o - 20°/ o
  8. 8. Customers Since Ju| y': u, Daily Visitors I day Registered Installers
  9. 9. +100% REVENUE GROWTH
  10. 10. COMPETITION amazon. in _r‘7 mach ower snapdealé /7 TWL com
  11. 11. I 3 iii IFTFTTI IF/ -+ ii 1st Online Complete Home Improvement Store I 1st to introduce Franchisee model in home improvement ~ Superb Support 8 Aftersales Services I 1st to have Private Brand - SolUrja
  12. 12. FOUNDERS VIKRAM VARSHNEY Co Founder BE — DCE CAURAV SINCH RANA Co Founder MS — Georgia Tech