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6 sigma

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6 sigma

  1. 1. ITSR – Independent Transport Safety Regulator –NSW- Australia Performance To exhibit independence, rigour and excellence in carrying out its regulatory and Investigative functions Features  Regulation of rail safety in NSW under national rail safety legislation Specialist advice and recommendations on rail safety issues.  Monitoring of industry application of rail safety legislation and industry rail safety standards Conformance Conform to the responsibilities delegated to ITSR (regulatory body) under the National Rail Safety Act Reliability  Provide reliable advice to the rail industry on all matters relating to the safety of railway operations  Assurance to the community that rail safety operations in NSW comply with the requirements of Rail Safety National Law Durability A reputable and an established organisation Service  Delivery of safe rail operations through independent quality advice to the NSW Government on specific rail safety matters  Implementation of agreed national and NSW workplan safety priorities  Assistance to improve safety risk management practices through practical advice and tools Experience A pleasant experience for the rail operators and public in general on all their dealings with the regulator Aesthetics- NIL