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Selenium Web & Appium Mobile Automation Tester resume

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Vikas Thange, Profile

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Selenium Web & Appium Mobile Automation Tester resume

  1. 1. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 1 VIKAS ROHIDAS THANGE Experience summary:  “Certified Selenium Professional” with 7+ years of IT software Development & Testing experience with diverse technologies & Domain  Playing a role of automation test architect to design and create various automation frameworks  Unique testing solutions developed for Mobile and web automation testing helping projects to easily manage and support extensibility of automation coverage.  Implemented end to end continuous Integrated build and testing environment to automate process of building and testing software using Jenkins.  Utilizing my experience on cloud services like Amazon EC2, Sauce Labs for parallel and distributed test execution. Eventually helping company in reduced cost of infrastructure and increasing more platform coverage in less time.  Key resource in selenium automation testing project. Driving the complete Mobile onshore - offshore Automation testing project with a great success with the help of my technical as well as leadership capabilities.  Experience in developing customized different automation testing frameworks including but not limited to Data driven, Keyword & Hybrid frameworks depending on the project / client needs.  Experience on Agile testing with Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavioral Driven Development (BDD)methodologies with Cucumber tool  Highly expertise in Automation testing technologies with Appium, Selenium WebDriver  Defined automation testing process and gave trainings on framework usages with best practices.  Involved in developing in-house testing tools as XTAF (Automation Framework), XPAF (Performance automation), XZAP (Security testing), AccessiblityCop (ADA testing)  Contributing in open source development by evaluating tools and raising bugs.  Established full fledged automation testing project from scratch. Involved in understanding client requirement, interviewing resources, creating team, setting up test environment, designing and developing automation framework, giving KT on usages of framework.  As a part of XXXXXX’s Innovation team member, Exploring & implementing new technologies which are at the horizon of software development.  Well versed in other testing verticals like Performance testing, Security Testing and Accessibility testing.  Held mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) program in past to learn, groom & retain knowledge on on Mobile Automation, Performance and Security testing.  Past working experience as Professional Corporate Trainer for testing technologies including Manual and Automation to MNC companies.
  2. 2. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 2  Award as “Emerging QA Evangelist of the Year 2014”  Award winner for technical white paper competition at XXXXXX for “Automated Mobile Device Performance Testing"  Participated in ATAGTR2017 on behalf of XXXXXX and own “Special Jury award” for the extensive work done on Automation Testing framework solution.
  3. 3. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 3 Software/Languages/Databases Primary Skills Automation TestFramework Design&Development Mobile Testing- Automation, Performance &Security testing Appium– Android andIOSAutomation Xcode UI TestingforiOS SeleniumWebDriver–Web Automation JAVA - ProgrammingLanguage TestNG– TestingFramework Selendroid –Android Automation SeleniumGRID– Distributed andparallelexecution Maven– JavaProjectMangement Jenkins –Continuous Integration WebPageTest&JMeter–Performancetesting Proxy Tools- CharlesProxy &Fiddler API’s- Restful webservices Secondary Skills Sikuli –GUI basedautomation BrowserMob – Javaproxy ServertointerceptWebDriver HttpRequestandHttpResponse Junit– Testingframework ANT– BuildTool Apache POI & Jxl API Testing IDE tools Eclipse, Visual studio (essential), IntelliJ Test management tools Test rail, Quality Center Agile Tools [Project management] Rally, JIRA Cloud Services Amazon EC2 cloud, Sauce Labs, Browser Stack, TestGrid SCM Tools Visual SVN, GIT Hub, BitBucket, GitLab Additional Dev skills JSP, Servlets, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, Google visualization Programming Java, C# Databases MySql, MS SQL Server Operating Systems Apple Mac, Windows & Linux
  4. 4. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 4
  5. 5. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 5 Work History Company: XXXXXX Int. Pvt. Ltd. Position: Associate Leader - SDET Company: XXXXXX Software Pvt. Ltd. Position: Senior QA Analyst - Automation Company: XXXXXX Services Pvt. Ltd Position: Corporate Trainer Company: XXXXXX Systems Pvt. Ltd. Position: Software Testing Trainer Mobile Automation Project name : Mobile (Android & iOS) Automation testing Environment/Skills : Appium, SeeTest, Appium Studio, WeebDriver, Java, Cloud, Jenkins Domain: Weather Forecasting
  6. 6. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 6 Role : Associate Lead - SDET Client: Description : The Android and IOS weather app provides weather forecasting features to end users. android app used by 11,92,110 user globally with 4.5 rating on play store. Responsibilities: • Playing a mixed role of Team lead and Technical Architect for project. • Innovated unique Automation testing framework solving mobile automation challenges • Features supported by framework - • Runtime http network traffic intercepting from mobile & create performance testing report • Modify HTTP response to simulate test conditions • Spoof mobile device GPS location to test location based services • User-friendly test reports with snapshot for each step helps anyone to conclude result • Deep linking from web pages to different modules present in application user tests • App upgrade testing to ensure settings and user profiles are preserved after upgrade • Application Data validation with respect to the background restful web service • Responsible for test Planning and strategizing with risk management. • Involve in discussion with different stakeholders from development side to understand there app domain and app expectations. • Understanding and evaluating Automation requirement for feasibility for Automation • Develop initial Prof of concept demonstrating use of tool / Approach to solve problem. • Develop the one framework for all testing platforms, Also responsive for framework maintenance and enhancement to accommodate new features or fix bugs. • Conducting framework trainings for teammates to learn and utilize framework properly for testing. • Define and implement Test lab infrastructure with Servers and mobile devices to make sure continuous build and testing happens daily. • Responsible to define the process of automation, conduct process review audits and measure health of project. • As a member of interview panel, conduct interviews for new hire in project BigWeb Automation Project name : BigWeb Automation
  7. 7. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 7 Environment/Skills : Web Automation testing with WebDriver, selenium Grid, Jenkins and TestNG, Cloud Domain: Weather Forecasting Role : Senior QA Engineer Client: Description : BigWeb is the main official webpage of the leading weather forecasting company providing Weather Forecasting information to the World wide users. It’s ranked as to 31th most used site in USA and 147th in global. Responsibilities: • Played a role of Team lead from offshore (Pune, India) owning a team of 3 automation testers. • Started this project from the scratch, Developed new data driven framework specific to my project. • Started working from the very first test case to automation. Till data automated 12K+test cases. • Working mostly on designing, creating, maintaining automation framework and automating test cases. • Integrated RemoteWebDriver, Grid, Jenkins, JSON Web Service support, SureFire reports, Customized reports, BrowserMob, Sikuli, WebPageTest tools with framework. • Playing role of mentor to the new teammates. Giving training, helping them to understand framework, tasks, and resolving any issue faced by team. • Created dashboard for webpage test performance testing reports. • Set up complete automation environment on Amazon elastic cloud computing (EC2). This includes setting up Jenkins, Selenium Grid hub and nodes. • Installed WebPageTest server & node instance for performance testing. • Test script / Framework creation and maintenance • Creating automation build jobs on jesting • Monitoring automated test execution on Jenkins, evaluate test reports and defect management. • Scheduling meeting with client, Demo test case automated, Getting clarifications. • Schedule & conduct format code review, ensure review findings getting closed. • Involved in process audits & documentation. • Documenting framework Guidelines, Process, Configurations, Installations and maintenance. • Test around 39 localized domain weather sites.
  8. 8. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 8 Project PHIS - Automation Testing Client Software Operating System : Windows 7 Database : PostgreSQL Report Tool : Bugzilla, Excel Language : Core Java Tools used: Selenium IDE, Selenium webdriver 2.0 Unit Test Framework: TestNG Project Synopsis PHIS – Pharmacy Information System. Domain: Pharmacy & Clinical Research It is system developed to be used by all the hospitals and pharmacy stores in Malaysia for the management for Pharmacy and heath care operations. Developed on open source technologies like java , Apache and PostgreSQL Responsibility As Senior QA Analyst in Automation ✓ Design and developed generic Automation Testing framework based on “No Script” mechanism ✓ Ramp up manual testing with the automation skills and utilize in project for conducting automation tests ✓ Continuous tracking & measuring test execution on servers ✓ Responsible to maintain framework with new features / enhancements & bug fixes ✓ Provide training to the testing team on framework ✓ Test Estimation for Test cases and creating quality report ✓ Automation test writing and execution ✓ Defect reporting and follow up for fixing ✓ Reporting to project Manager for different status Project MURx EHR Client
  9. 9. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 9 Software Operating System : Windows 7 Database : MySQL Report Tool : Bugzilla Language : Java Tools used: Excel, Selenium 2.0 Webdriver, Selenium IDE, FirePath Project Synopsis It is a Meaningful Use EHR System being developed for US client iPracticeLLC. The system is having functionalities to manage all clinical activities. Including storing Electronic Health Records. It is being developed according to CCHIT Product Certification. Responsibility I was responsible for below task ✓ Analyze the requirements from CCHIT ✓ Identify the scenarios from the functionalities to test ✓ Write test cases to cover the scenarios ✓ Build traceability matrix for requirements and scenarios ✓ Prepare Test data, validate data ✓ Prepare test bed and test environment ✓ Conduct Smoke testing ✓ Conduct functional testing, regression testing and report defects to development team ✓ Track the defect reports through bugzilla Project INet-Revenue Testing Client XXXXXX
  10. 10. vikasthange@gmail.com Page 10 Software Operating System : Windows XP Database : Oracle Report Tool : Quality Center Language : VBA Tools used: Quick Test professional. QTP, VBA tools, Tode Project Synopsis Domain: Logistic Worlds biggest logistics company’s web application for shipping Responsibility I was responsible for below task ✓ Conducted functional regression testing using QuickTestProfessional (QTP). ✓ Monitor automation test execution and perform necessary operation ✓ Validate Test Data Reporting Defects, Defect analysis and validation ✓ Log Defects in Quality Center (QC) and follow up for resolution ✓ Defect retesting ✓ Modify the script as per the requirements of new Build/Version. ✓ Build tools in VBA and SQL to manage update the test data, Dashboard Education  Bachelor of Computer Science - Pune University - April 2009  Certified Selenium Professional