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Valedictorian Speech

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Valedictorian Speech

  1. 1. Good Afternoon teachers and the graduating class of 2014. [pause]<br />Just to get all of you with me, I need everyone and Charles this includes you too, to form a mental image, or in shorter words [pause] IMAGINE your own experience in school without any of your friends, no matter where you are, its just you. When you are eating, playing, studying or even sitting in Math class (isn’t that BORING?) What’s one word to describe it? [pause] Dreadful? I agree. <br />There is a quote by a person saying “To live life without the experience of friendship is life without living. “<br />Most valedictorian speeches talk about future, dreams, goals, inspirations and etc, but today [pause] I would like to spend my time thanking all my friends and fellow classmates who have helped me get through this year. All because of them, I have amazing as well as [pause] embarrassing memories that I will take with me. <br />Together we have laughed, learned, gotten into trouble, loved and most of all grown-up together. But today doesn’t concern about recalling enjoyable memories we’ve spent together, but about expressing gratitude to the ones who have always been with us and have promised to keep this memory within them. <br />We will meet new people, make new friends, and learn new things from them. We will obviously grow older, more responsible and independent. <br />But no matter where we are, [pause] we always need friends at our side. The reasons are <br /><ul><li>When we are in university they can do your homework (with a valid excuse), back you up when in fights.
  2. 2. When we would be at work [pause] (hopefully), we can ask our friends to fill up what we missed, they can cover up for us, can do your shift with reason of course.
  3. 3. AND wouldn’t your social life be boring? </li></ul>You may not realize but besides the help and encouragement you get from your parents, your friends confirm it and give you confidence. They help you out when you are in need, they listen to you when you are in pain and the list goes on and on and on. <br />These years went by so fast that we didn’t have time to stop and think about this. That’s why I want to spend this time to thank all my friends that they have helped me out all this time, no matter what problems they are facing. <br />Another thing I want to mention is that we are not aware of our future, it may seem frightening now, looming over us like a tornado, [pause] but we will find light, and the rainbow that comes with rain. <br />So when I look outside, I see the bright horizon and that is my future. I am happy with that . Although everyone’s life contains sadness and heartbreak, it will definitely be blessed with happiness, joy, success and love. And I know my classmates’ will too. So don’t look back and regret, look ahead with proud feeling and always SMILE! CHEEESE! AND Keep in touch everyone!<br />