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How to end police brutality against black men cop critic

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The first mobile application and website dedicated to improving communication, transparency and relationships between law enforcements and the communities they serve

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How to end police brutality against black men cop critic

  1. 1. Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733 CopCritic The first mobile application and website dedicated to improving communication, transparency and relationships between law enforcements and the communities they serve
  2. 2. Mission and Goals • To end the avoidable violence, which law abiding citizens sometimes encounter when interacting with police. • To balance the systemic injustices and unfair treatment that ultimately lead up to excessive force and shootings. • To disarm the tensions police have when approaching minorities, and to ensure both party’s safety Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  3. 3. Why I Developed This Mobile App & Website I developed CopCritic not because of any animosity towards the police. I respect and value our police force as much as any law abiding citizen. I created CopCritic for the 49 million African Americans and Hispanics between the ages of 15-44, who like myself, are quite frankly terrified to get pulled over. Improved training, transparency, accountability and communication between law enforcement and communities is vital in making a change. And CopCritic serves these needs. Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  4. 4. What is CopCritic • CopCritic is the first live streaming application and website focused specifically on ensuring safe interactions between law enforcement and the communities they serve. • The CopCritic application and process is designed to de-escalate potential life threatening situations during routine stops. • CopCritic allows the public to view live interactions between citizens and law enforcement, share their opinions, escalate when an officer uses excessive force, and rate officer performance. Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  5. 5. Why We Need Change • Police have killed at least 1,624 people in 2015 & 2016. • 198 of them were unarmed. • Only 10 cases have resulted in an officer being charged with a crime. • 61% of officers do not always report serious abuse by fellow officers. • 52% turn a blind eye to excessive force committed by fellow officers • It’s time for transparency in these incidents! Statistics taken from 2015 and 2016 Washington post study, Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  6. 6. How It Works • User pushes the Live Stream button when confronted by police • CopCritic app streams live to station based on police station • CopCritic notifies app user’s emergency contacts list and sends link to live stream • Public can view live and archived streams • Viewers can rate, comment and escalate a live stream if officer is too aggressive. • Data is used to help improve training for law enforcement Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  7. 7. Standard 3Ls Process 1. Launch 2. License 3. Let officer know the interchange is being streamed on CopCritic Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  8. 8. Benefits to Public Officials • Increased transparency • Safety for community and law enforcement • Showcases the good work their officers are doing • Identify regions and situations where additional training is necessary • Aggressive behaving officers can be managed proactively • Be able to understand community concerns and experiences • Will have analytical data to make more informed decisions Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  9. 9. Benefits to Public • Complete transparency with law enforcement interactions • A standard process for ensuring safety for police and public • App user’s friends and loved ones get notified immediately when there is a situation • Encourages police to be on their best behavior Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  10. 10. Benefits to Law Enforcement • Officers can increase public confidence and trust • Streams can be used as training tools • Complete Transparency. Captures more than patrol car can • Peace of mind knowing citizen is asking for safe, peaceful interaction • Provides a bridge between law enforcement and community Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  11. 11. Benefits to Parents • Will know when child is in police custody • Child has a standard, safe process for interacting with authorities • There is complete transparency in the way their child is handled • Their children will know loved ones are with them • Parents can respond faster Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  12. 12. Why Now? • This issue is at the forefront of race relations • Noted politicians, athletes and other celebrities have called for change • America (and the UK) is open for ideas to create change • Because all lives matter Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  13. 13. Cities With Most Police Shootings City Approximate African American Population Approximate Hispanic Population Chicago 913,009 1,971,000 Phoenix 99,600 1,163,000 Houston 514,217 2,105,000 Philadelphia 686,870 433,000 Los Angeles 402,448 5,700,000 New York City 2,228,145 4,200,000 Dallas 308,087 1,700,000 San Antonio 1,440,900 1,112,000 San Diego 184,773 1,021,000 San Jose 30,242 492,000 Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  14. 14. Target Market • Total Available Market (TAM) – 49.1 million African Americans and Hispanics are high targets for unfair traffic stops and police profiling • Segmented Available Market (SAM) – 23.9 million African Americans and Hispanic males between 15-44 years – 6.6 million of them live in the top 10 cities with police shooting Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  15. 15. Business Model • Mobile app downloads – Free • Website and mobile stream viewing – Free • App/site registration - Free • Grow user base!!! • Funding and/or grants (minimum $20,000/month) • Partner with law enforcement consulting companies • Hire former law enforcement trainer and analyst • Collect user survey data • Advertisements (in-app ads. Minimal) • State & local law enforcement contracts (training, data analysis) • Use research, advanced analytics and survey data to improve training Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733
  16. 16. Victor.Holman@lifecycle-performance-pros.com (888) 861-8733