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Digital Marketing proposal

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Digital Marketing Services by Vibes Communications.

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Digital Marketing proposal

  1. 1. Creating Value!
  2. 2. Index Vibes - Creating value Digital Marketing Proposition
  3. 3. About Us Founded in 2010 by experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds as an endeavour to help organizations go beyond the conventional ways of managing business. Our Belief Products Services • Collaborative approach • RxCare • Online Marketing • Transparency in way of working • Pluto • Web Portals • Simplicity in approach • Pulse SMS • Web Applications • Efficient delivery • Click2Call • Mobile Apps • Prompt Support Simplify Innovations, Solve Problems & Support Business Growth
  4. 4. Value Proposition •Business focused way of working •Multidimensional ingredients to achieve objectives •Powerful Technology •Innovative Solutions •Focus on simplicity •Out-of-the-Box approach •Transparency in everything we do •Collaboration – the key to success
  5. 5. Product Portfolio Details Applicability • CRM for Medical Practitioners • Pharmaceutical Companies • Patient, Partner, Prescription • Medical Equipment Management Manufacturers RxCare • Analytical Reports • Doctors/ Surgeons • SMS Campaign Solution • All industries, brands, • Effective Marketing Tool marketers • Android based application to • FMCG Brands, Hospitality , connect with customers Travel, Consumer Goods . CLICK2Call • Triggers customers to connect with Call centre, conduct brand push & promotions • Business Performance • Distribution based Improvement Tool companies like FMCG, • Distribution Sales Tracking at all Telecom, Retail hierarchical levels, all Sales zones and Geographic hierarchies
  6. 6. Service Portfolio Online Marketing Mobile Services • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Mobile / WAP Site development • Social Media Management (SMM) • Andoird based application development • Mobile Marketing • SIM service management • Email Campaigns • Mobile and IT Integraton • Online brand building Web & Business Services • Websites and Web Portal development , maintenance and management • Web application development solutions to solve Business problems • RxCare.co.in –An exclusive health portal • VirtualBloodBank.org – An Online Blood Bank • Business Consultancy & Program Management Services
  7. 7. Some Clients …and many more
  8. 8. Index Vibes - Creating value Digital Marketing Proposition
  9. 9. What is Digital Marketing  Digital Marketing is a method of targeting a desired group of people ONLINE to promote a brand or a product. VIBES WAY OF WORK Internet Mobile Digital Google/Alexa Blogging Marketing Ranking Social Media Search Engine Marketing Optimization Keyword Main Community Promotion Mediums Development Press Release Viral Distribution Marketing Search Engine Article Marketing and Distributing Ads Classified Google Ads Advertisement Email, SMS, App Marketing Facebook Ads Linkedin Ads Web Portal Management
  10. 10. Why Digital Media??  Geo Targeting  Campaign can be targeted to specific geographic location  24*7 Advertising  A newspaper/TV/Radio Ad would be visible on a particular day or slot  Internet Advertising would be visible throughout the allocated time  Cost Effective  A full page newspaper ad for 1 day-10-14 Lacs  TV Advertisement for 1 slot-5-10 Lacs  Makes you go Global
  11. 11. Why Digital Media??  One to one approach  Campaign can be devised so that we can use Online Techniques for one to one apprach  Appeal to specific interests and groups  Users can be targeted as per their interests, hobbies, age groups, gender  Improved ROI 15 10 ROI 5 Percentage 0 Source: http://www.articlecity.com-Nate Rodney
  12. 12. Strategy for Educircle-SEO and SEM Having a website is not of much use if it cant attract more users organically through SERP or through Search Engine Keyword4 Advertisements. Keyword3 Keyword5 It is for this reason that we provide Search Engine Optimization Keyword2 Keyword6 and Search Engine Marketing whenever so that whenever your brand SEO and needs to be there on search Keyword1 Google Keyword7 Ads for result its there for the keywords end user one way or the other. Google Ads SEO Technique
  13. 13. Facebook Strategy FACEBOOK FACTS •More than 650 million active users •3rd Largest place after China and India •1 in every 13 people is on Facebook Your Increase Brand Brand Visibility  Brand Management- Brand to build a users community around Facebook  Generate Facebook Page Likes  User Engagement  Content Posting in form of images, videos and text  Polling and Contests  Facebook Applications  Facebook Ads
  14. 14. Linkedin Strategy  Target Segment- Corporate  Target Age Group-38-50  Main Objectives  Corporate Tie ups  Brand Visibility
  15. 15. Email Campaigns Emailers to Targeted Database of Users Data to be procured from •Schools and Colleges •Organizations •Internet •Authorized Agencies •Physical Marketing Activities
  16. 16. Blogging  Creating and maintaining your own Blog Channel  Objective- Brand Visibility  Commenting on Blogs -Edublog.com, Pagalguy.com, Tumblr.com, Blogger.com, Wordpress.com
  17. 17. Go Mobile!!  Mobile site design to be consistent with the corporate web site design  Lighter website with maximum News & possible features Updates  Ad Slots on Mobile Click to Microsite  Promotions through Mobile Call  App Versions – Free & Paid Apps Mobile App  Bulk SMSs to be sent to usersdata Blogging Ad Slots  Short Code can be taken from 58888 for a keyword of your brand for SMS sending and receiving About our Products
  18. 18. Thank you ! Santosh Sharma 9013631477 Sonu.vibes@gmail.com http://vibescom.in D 96, Sector 10, Noida-210301, India