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Brand Identity Prism-Development Management

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Small brief on how to Identify Brand in Development Management Sector.

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Brand Identity Prism-Development Management

  1. 1. Brand Identity Prism Development Management Sector
  2. 2. BRAND IDENTITY PRISM Physique Personality Relationship Culture Reflection Self- Image Develop Discipline of Development Management. Creation of professional leaders and managers for the development sector Passionate, Creator, Concerned doer, Energetic, Young yet mature, Bright, Inspiring, Differentiator, Impactful, Calm Headed, Subtle, Good listener, Decision Maker, Idea Centric, Confident, Authentic, Unpretentious, Indian, Ambitious Trustworthy, Ethical, Human, Class Apart, Growth Enabler, Adding value To improve through learning, differentiation & innovation Vibrant, Believe in bringing change, Simplicity, Liberal, Anticipation, Modest, Self Enhancement & growth Connected, Modern, Successful, Looking to be different Younger brand, Ethically responsible, Independent, Confident, Expressive, Social, Be different Follow what your believe Create impact in betterment of society Development Management Sector