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iMedia Brand Summit 2012 - Next Digital

  1. Taking on Asia An opportunity for Australian Brands Ashley McVey Strategy & Marketing Director, Next Digital Wilson Li CEO, Next Digital China
  2. I’d like to introduce Wilson! Wilson, the MD of Next Digital Shanghai introduced himself. Key points: • Next Digital operations in China for 6 years. • Full Service Agency. • 76 people in office.
  3. First, a look at the whole region. 24 countries 3,450,000,000people 50%ofthe worldspop’n 44.8%ofthe worldsinternetusers Regionalism Languages CulturalIdentities LawsandRegulations
  4. An exploration into 2 distinct markets
  5. Why ExploreAsia 538m 40% 18m 62% 20m 90%
  6. Why ExploreAsia Veryattractivetomulti-nationalsduetohigh annualGDPgrowth. Source: Warc Global Rank Country Annual increase 6 China 9.5% 64 Malaysia 5.2% 142 Australia 1.8%
  7. Why explore the region? Asia-Pacific countries lead the world in e-commerce adoption. 90% of consumers have purchased online. Src: Neilson. One size does not fit all- Asia's multi-channel opportunity Countries include: Taiwan, Japan, China, S. Korea, NZ, Aust., Malaysia
  8. But it is a complex Region 16% of Chinese people speak English Source: Next Digital Regional Offices Source: Warc Half of Malaysians between 20-34 consumer mobile media on their smartphone Google has about 10% market share in China Metropolitan vs. Rural audiences Malaysia is in the top 3 countries for video downloads. By 2020, China is tipped to have the world's largest economy
  9. Key Trends in Asia Wilson discusses the key trends being experienced online in China Key points: • Internet usage is 538m people • Mobile consumption has grown 10x in 12 mths • Social Media usage is highly consumer - Weibo
  10. Trends inAsia ASEAN isexperiencing3 bigtrendsinonlineconsumerbehaviour: Mobile Web Video Content Consumption Social Media 1 2 3 Source:
  11. Trends inAsia 7.96% 14.85% 5.13% 2.86% 17.84% 7.55% Source: StatCounter. May 2012 192.5% increase since 2010 Mobile browsing: % of all web traffic
  12. Trends inAsia By 2013 the number of mobile searches is predicted to exceed desktop. Source: Roy Morgan
  13. Social Penetration by Country Source. eConsultancy. Social media in Asia: Understanding the Numbers 40%41% 51% 20% Region Avg. Singapore Malaysia China Asia’s avg.
  14. Social Media Sites VS
  15. Social Network Prevalence 500m+ Q-Zone 220m+ Weibo 12.8m Facebook Users 11.5m in Oz
  16. Corporate use of Social Media in Asia Key Trend across regional markets is micro-blogging. Corporate blog usage has grown by 40% since 2010. Source: eConsultancy. Social Media in Asia 90% 50% 50% 80% 90% 50% 30% 80% 100% 80%20% Australia China Malaysia Micro blogs Social Networks Corporate Blogs Video Sharing
  17. The Search Landscape VS
  18. The Search Landscape
  19. Media Consumption Baidu QQ Taobao Weibo Google Facebook Google YouTube Yahoo! BlogSpot Alexa Regional Ranking
  20. There is a lot of Success Already Retail Highendgoods Sportsbrands FMCG CocaCola Pepsi Starbucks Tourism TourismVictoria TourismAustralia Manufacturing Phillips Sony
  21. Key Take Outs Asian Marketshave high economic growth. China and Malaysia offer extensive brand reach online. Mobilehas exploded in the last 12 months. SocialMediais the most viewedtype of website.
  22. Key Learning's
  23. Key Learning's for EnteringAsia Wilson discusses the key learning's for international brands online in China. Key points: • Important to research and understand the local market.. • Strategy must be Adjusted to fit Asia • Localise your brand and products • Use local expertise
  24. The Key Learning's Research Adapt Strategy Localise your Brand Utilise Local Expertise 1 2 3 4
  25. Research the Markets 2 distinctlanguageversions SimplisticandTraditional Highlydetachedregions Classdivision Uniquefamilystructure Primarylanguageis Malay Englishvery widelyspoken 2 distinctlandmasses Est.young middleclass Largeworkingdemographic
  26. Mercedes Benz A-Class 96% of Gen Y are active on social media 60% interacted with a brand on social media within the last 30 days Malaysia is in the Top 10 nation for video downloading 48% smartphone usage 19% Tablet usage 60% are likely to act on suggestions from family or friends. Social Mobile Content
  27. Mercedes Benz A-Class What does Malaysian Gen-Y connect with? - Fashion - Environment - Art - Music - Film - Entertainment - Role Models Each Other!
  28. Mercedes Benz A-Class The goal for 2012 is not only engagement but... a change of perception!
  29. Dove – Real Beauty I wont hide my skin anymoreNatural Beauty is Real Beauty Australia Japan
  30. China is quicklyapproaching 20% of the worlds pop’n By 2020, China will have 800 urban locationswith a higher income per capita than Shanghai By 2025, China will have 10 citiesbigger than NewYork Adapt Strategy Source: Warc
  31. Adidas “You can't treat China with a one-size-fits-all approach." Colin Currie, Managing Director of Adidas Group China
  32. Have identifiedUpper, Mid and Lower tier cities Understandconsumer behaviours are differentdue to differentliving costs Have a tailored strategyfor each location Adidas
  33. Adidas Neo
  34. Localise your Brand Message Brand Product
  35. Localise your Message
  36. Localise your Message
  37. Localise Your Product
  38. “I find I need to check my Western sensibilities at the door when planning campaigns.” Paul Baron, Group Marketing Manager, Tourism Victoria Your Brand
  39. Work with Local Resource
  40. Tourism Victoria in Malaysia
  41. Tourism Victoria in China
  42. And Lastly, Infrastructure Matters Wilson outlines the importance if hosting your site in China! Key points: • The Great Firewall • Slow site speed if hosted internationally • UX is greatly improved when hosted in China
  43. Melbourne-Sydney - Brisbane-Shanghai - KualaLumpur-Singapore Next Digital Melbourne Level 8, 15 William Street Melbourne, 3000 P: 8612 6888 F: 8612 6899 E: Ashley McVey Strategy & Marketing Director 03 8612 6811