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Microsoft word ppt presentation

learn basic MS Word as soon as possible through this ppt presentation

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Microsoft word ppt presentation

  1. 1. Introduction Scroll bar Document window Title bar Menu bar Microsoft Word (often called Word) is a graphical word processing program that users can type with. It is made by the computer company Microsoft. The purpose of the MS Word is to allow the users to type and save documents.
  2. 2. Features of MS Word ➢ Creating and saving a file ➢ Editing and formatting a document ➢ Paragraph formatting ➢ Inserting header and footer and Page number ➢ Checking spelling and grammar ➢ Subscript and superscript ➢ Inserting symbols ➢ Print preview and printing ➢ Inserting clipart, word art, and picture ➢ Page setting ➢ Bullets and number ➢ Border and shading ➢ Searching a word and replacing it by another word ➢ Inserting table
  3. 3. Creating and saving a file Create new file (ctrl+N) Save file(ctrl+s)
  4. 4. Editing and formating a document Bold Italic Under Line Normal
  5. 5. Font Type Font Size Font colour Alignment of text
  6. 6. Paragraph formating Line spacing in paragrap Space between Line Alignment of Paragrap
  7. 7. Inserting Header and Footer and page number
  8. 8. Insert Footer
  9. 9. Checking Spelling and Grammer
  10. 10. Subscript and Superscript Superscript example: Per m3 Subscript example: Rate per month (1)
  11. 11. Subscript Superscript Type the text Select the text Click the subscript Success!
  12. 12. Inserting Symbols
  13. 13. 1. select the symbol Click insert
  14. 14. Print Preview and Printing Print preview is use
  15. 15. Inserting Clipart, Wordart, and Picture Clipart Wordart Picture
  16. 16. Then select the Clipart you want to insert
  17. 17. Then select the Picture you want to insert
  18. 18. Page Setup
  19. 19. Set Margins Preview
  20. 20. Paper Setup Preview
  21. 21. Layout Setup Preview
  22. 22. Bullets and Number OR
  23. 23. Borders and Shading Select border style Select border color Border Previ Select border width
  24. 24. Searching a word and replacing it by another word
  25. 25. Type word you want to replace Type new word you want to add It will replace selected word It will replace all the same word from document It will find your word in document
  26. 26. Inserting Table in file Visually select the size of table Or click “ insert table”
  27. 27. cell