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Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apps - Future of Media

This content was presented at I panel of VI South East Europe Media Forum SEEMF held in Budva, Montenegro - Hotel Splendid on 22-23 October 2012

Name of panel: Social Media, Facebook Twitter, You tube, Apps - Future of Media
Chairperson: Thomas Bauer - University of Vienna, Vienna
- Vesna Opavsky - Director of Website, Media Center, Belgrade
- Zalán Zubor - HVG.hu, Budapest
- Deniz Bayrakdar - Kadir Has University, Istanbul
- Barbora Maronkova - Information Officer for Western Balkans, NATO, Brussels
- Marko Milosavljevič - University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

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Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apps - Future of Media

  1. 1. Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Youtube, AppsFuture of MediaVesna OpavskyMedia Center BelgradeDirector of website
  2. 2. ...Web Channels
  3. 3. Real Time AnalyticsReferralsSocial Reach
  4. 4. Southeastern Europeon FacebookTurkey 31 508 700Romania 5 101 480Greece 3 876 580Serbia 3 372 480Bulgaria 2 437 100Croatia 1 571 380Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 299 020Albania 1 116 560Macedonia 931 140Slovenia 723 340Montenegro 303 560Moldova 267 000
  5. 5. Development of MediaGutenberg Printing pressSince 1439RadioSince 1906TVSince 1930World Wide WebSince 1990Mobile AppsSince 200850 million usersin 38 years50 million usersin 13 years361 million usersin 10 years?FacebookSince 20041 billion usersin 8 years
  6. 6. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social Media91% of online adults use social media regularlyThere are more devices connected to the Internet thanthere are people on Earth2012
  7. 7. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social MediaOver 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube everyminute500 years of YouTube video are watched every day onFBTraffic from mobile devices tripled in 2011More than 20% of global YouTube views come from2012
  8. 8. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social Media950 million active users, 2 billion registered users44% of users access Facebook on their phones31% sign in more than once a dayApproximately 3.2 billion likes and comments daily50 percent of smartphones are actually connecting toFacebook every hour2012
  9. 9. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social Media160 million active users, 500 million registered users1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day50% of Twitter’s users use Twitter on their mobile36% of Twitter users tweet at least once per dayTwitter users send 175 million tweets each day2012
  10. 10. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social Media1.1 billion mobile phones are smartphones10% of internet usage worldwide103% growth in website traffic from smartphones in 1 year1.2 billion people accessing the web from their mobilesOver 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 year13% of digital news consumers follow newsrecommendations on both Facebook and TwitterMore iPhones are sold than people are born 2012Mobile Apps
  11. 11. 2012Mobile Apps Downloads100,000 +100,000 +100,000 +100,000 +100,000 +5,000,000 +1,000,000 +1,000,000 +1,000,000 +1,000,000 +
  12. 12. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social Media900 million users80% of active internet users visit social networks and blogsEnough information is consumed to fill 168 million DVDsMore than 8 billion pages152 million blogs2012Internet
  13. 13. Interesting Facts AboutInternet and Social Media100,000 tweets are sent684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook2 million search queries are made on google48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube47,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store571 websites are created 2012Every minute of the day:
  14. 14. Future of Media…lies in the advantages brought by the internet media:- the information network and one place of communication- multimedia- accessibility withouth spatial and temporal boundaries365/24/7- interactivity
  15. 15. Multiple SourcesCitizen journalismNGO “journalism”Government institutes...
  16. 16. In the past,people had to actively look for information,but todayinformation comes to themVesna Opavsky
  17. 17. #SEEMF
  18. 18. • mobithinking.com• www.internetworldstats.com• thesocialskinny.com• www.youtube.com• www.mediabistro.com• www.socialbakers.com• blog.hubspot.comSources:
  19. 19. Thank you for your attentionVesna OpavskyOctober, 2012opavsky@mc.rsvesna @opavsky.netrs.linkedin.com/in/vesnaopavsky