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  1. Venkatvenkoos@gmail.com
  2. AKA
  3. I am basically… A Mining Engineer
  4. Bachelors From…http://uce-ku.blogspot.com/ UCE, Kakatiya University
  5. With… Gold Medal for Year 2000
  6. Awards … Received Bronze medal from Institution of Engineers (I) In 1998
  7. Options after Bachelors… STUDY & WORKWORK M TECH
  8. Went for… STUDY & WORKWORK M TECH
  9. Joined… 1st Job-2000 www.scclmines.com As a Mining Engineer
  10. Technologies worked… Longwall SDLs & LHDs Ventilation Bord & Pillar Opencast Planning Shovel + Dumper Shaft sinking put up 6.5 years of Experience
  11. Reputation… in no time got recognition from Top brass
  12. Expertise… Become expert in solving Ventilation and Strata problems
  13. Rescue Trained… Taken training in Rescue & Recovery Operations
  14. IT wizard in … 3d-Dig
  15. PG Diploma in … in Computer Science from University of Hyderabad in 2002 http://www.uohyd.ernet.in/
  16. Competency…Cleared First Class in 2005 from DGMS http://www.dgms.net/
  17. Publications … Presented few Technical papers
  18. In 2007, moved to…HYDERABAD
  19. Joined… 2nd Job-2007 www.gemcomsoftware.com As Quality Assurance Engineer
  20. Excelled with new initiatives…
  21. Expertise… In Mine Planning and Design using MINEX software
  22. Promoted to Team leader… for Minex product put up 2.7 years of Experience
  23. On 1st Jan 2010 joined…TATA STEEL@ Bhubaneswar
  24. as a Project Planner… 3rd Job-2010 www.tatasteel.com www.sasol.com for Tata Sasol Coal Project 1st Indian project for Coal to Liquid conversion
  25. Excelled in… Mine Design & Scheduling
  26. Moved to Australia in Aug 2011
  27. Joined www.angloamerican.com.au 4th Job-2011 as a Short Term Planner for Draglines…
  28. My Strengths…
  29. Taking Initiative…
  30. Think out of the BOX
  31. Good communication skills
  32. Excellent Team Player…
  33. good at… Creative writing Visit my blog at www.venkoos.blogspot.com
  34. good at… Painting
  35. So if you are looking for…
  36. A well balanced professional…
  37. With multi tasking skills…
  38. Upto date with latest technologies…
  39. Get in touch with me… venkoosvenkoos@gmail.com +61 – (0)432 423 784 www.slideshre.net/venkoos https://www.facebook.com/# http://www.linkedin.com/in/ !/venkoos venkoos
  40. and we can work together
  41. To reach higher Goals and Objectives…
  42. Thanks for your TIME…