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Social Business Benchmark Program

Do you need to know how well your organization is doing on the social business evolution? Leader Networks has been benchmarking Social Business best practices among leading organizations around the globe for over 3 years as a joint initiative with the Society Of New Communications Research (SNCR) and now offer a confidential, company/organization specific benchmarking assessment. Through the program your strengths and opportunities for social business strategy and operations will be identified and aligned with short term and longer term recommendations to help achieve your goals.

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Social Business Benchmark Program

  1. 1. Helping organizations build deeper relationships with key stakeholders Are You Listening? Social. Business. Online. Operational Impact Social Business Benchmark For many organizations, social media means using online channels as a broadcast platform – a digital megaphone, if you will. While this is a good start, it doesn’t represent the complete opportunity and magnitude of the social experience because it is largely a one-sided conversation. Instead, the social experience needs to come full circle where online exchanges become actionable and have an operational impact. Now that we are more comfortable with digital engagement tools, and the shine is wearing off on “likes” and “thumbs up,” it is time to start exploring the impact and returns of developing socially integrated organizations. Companies are discovering that the real value of social lies not in marketing alone, but in leveraging insights gained both offline and online to be more responsive to key stakeholders, such as prospective customers, clients, partners, and suppliers. The Social Business Benchmark is designed to offer organizations an objective understanding of where they stand against the study data as published in The Social Business Benchmark Study – 2013 Preliminary Findings, in order to identify gaps and realize the full potential of their investment in social channels and platforms. What Can Leader Networks Clients Expect? The Social Business Benchmark is a research-based offering (using both qualitative and quantitative data) that provides organizations with a clear picture of where they stand against six criteria including: • Strategic Intention: Does the organization have a clear, well executed strategy for social initiatives that aligns with the larger organizational strategy? • Operations: Has the organization developed an operating model that is able to leverage the social outcomes to impact core operations such as customer service, R&D, and product development? • Staffing: Does the organization support its employees in purposeful use of social tools and processes to aid the work they do and are they using social channels to recruit and evaluate prospective employees? • Governance: Does the organization have well defined social policies and are staff trained in social media best practices to support their strategic intention? • Tool Use: Has the organization developed standards and appropriately invested in social media tools in order to support their strategic intention? • Organizational Readiness: Is the organizational culture ready to support the emerging needs that social business frequently yields?
  2. 2. The offering includes a series of one-on-one interviews with select cross-functional members of the leadership team and participation in the social business benchmark survey. The results are then compared against the existing data set, combined with qualitative feedback from the interviews, and incorporated into a final report. The findings report is delivered and presented via a web-conference allowing ample time to discuss findings, observations, and recommendations. About Leader Networks Leader Networks is a research and strategy consulting group focused on helping organizations build deeper B2B relationships with key stakeholders, thus creating significant competitive advantage and outstanding business results. We guide firms in the strategic use and deployment of online social tools and techniques, including developing innovative ways to listen to, learn about, interact with and build trust across a wide range of constituencies including prospective customers, clients, suppliers, partners, and employees via B2B online communities and social business initiatives. For more information contact: Vanessa DiMauro CEO, Leader Networks 617-484-0778 vdimauro@leadernetworks.com www.leadernetworks.com