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SAP HCI Online Training

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VirtualNuggets is leading SAP HCI Online Training providers globally. We offer Training on Weekend, Weekdays and Fast Track batches. New batch starts for every 15 days. For Demo and other Details please free to contact 24*7

For More on SAP HCI Training:
Email : info(at)virtualnuggets(dot)com
Mobile : 001-707-666-8949(USA) 0091-888-556-0202(IND - Whatsapp)
WebUrl: http://www.virtualnuggets.com/sap-hana-cloud-integration-online-training.html
Blogger : https://bestsaphcionlinetraining.blogspot.com

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SAP HCI Online Training

  1. 1. SAP HCI HANA Cloud Integration Online Training Job Support
  2. 2. SAP enables an easy to use and low footprint integration platform. SAP HCI is also know as SAP HANA Cloud Integration. “Leveraging SAP HCI allows us to build solutions that increase supply chain efficiencies and customer satisfaction.” Why SAP ? SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  3. 3. Minimal up-front investment No costs for hardware software installation No need to invest into technical monitoring and doing upgrades, SAP upgrades the cloud infrastructure every month Simplification and innovation Multi-tenant architecture of SAP HANA Cloud Integration HCI Benefits : SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  4. 4. SAP Cloud Applications (SuccessFactors, C4C, Ariba, ByD, Concur, etc.) SAP HANA Cloud Integration Engineered for Cloud Multi-level Security Prepackaged Integration flows Community and Marketplace HCI Technology SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  5. 5. Focus on cloud strategy, have the need for cloud to cloud integration, have the leading system(s) within the cloud Do not have SAP Process Integration on-Premise Do not want to invest into an on-Premise middleware and bear the costs associated with it (system set up, maintenance etc.) Prefer subscription fee based license model Require fast innovation Opportunities for SAP HANA Cloud Integration SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  6. 6. SAP Cloud forCustomer Accou nts & Cont acts Accou nts & Cont acts Sales Order Reque st Quot e Requ est Product s Materi als SAP HANA CloudIntegration Prici ng Re cen t Or der s Quotati on Currency conv. rates Currency conv. rates Accou nt Hierar chy Custo mer Hierarc hy Sales Org Hierarc hy Sales Org Hierarc hy Opportu nity Quo te Sales Order Prici ng Billin g Requ est Invoice Work Ticket SAP Cloud for Customer Lea d Servi ce Requ est Opportu nity Account s Ser vice Req ues t Busin ess Partn er Mater ial Prod uct Lea d Opportu nity Campa ign Head er Campai gn Activi ty Activity Acc ount Hiera rchy Account Hierarchy (BP Relationships ) Territori es Territori es Produ ct Categ ory Produ ct Categ ory Sales Quote Sales Order Sales Org Hierarc hy Sales Org Hierarc hy Employee s Employ ees Prici ng Marketi ng Attribut es Marketi ng Attribut es Social MediaProfil es Social Media Profile s SAP ERP SAP CRM Prepackaged scenarios for C4C-CRM integration Prepackaged scenarios for C4C- ERP integration SAP HANA Cloud Integration C4C: Prepackaged content for ERP and CRM integration SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  7. 7. VirtualNuggets is the best training institute providing you the real time basic and advance level training in SAP. The training is practical and theoretical based with majority of practical. We provide training on all the SAP Modules like SD, MM, BASIS, HR, ABAP, FICO, HFM Success Factors, HANA, BI and e.t.c. For more information please free to contact 24*7 . The trainees should have the basic knowledge on  xml  Eclipse  SAP Net Weaver PI  SAP applications SAP HCI Online Training SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  8. 8. SAP HCI training Standard Edition, SAP HCI Professional Edition SAP HCI Developer Edition SAP HCI Application Edition (bundled with SAP cloud apps.) SAP HANAAppService Availability of SAP HCI Training versions: SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training
  9. 9. Contact Us Email Id: info(@)virtualnuggets(.)com Website : www.virtualnuggets.com Blogger : https://bestsaphcionlinetraining.blogspot.com SAP HANA Cloud Integration | HCI Training THANK YOU