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Rule with Data: Measurement for Your Business

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Data is power. Looking at data helps us know who our audience is, how they interact with our business, where we can optimize and what to prioritize.

This presentation covers the basics of qualitative and quantitative data gathering for business insights. The best thing is it doesn't require extensive coding or any paid tools - you can start measuring today.

You will find the full story, together with a recording of the presentation, on my blog: https://valchanova.me/business-measurement-basics/

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Rule with Data: Measurement for Your Business

  1. 1. measurementRule with Data Measurement for your business
  2. 2. Vassilena Valchanova • 10 years of marketing experience • Check out valchanova.me • Digital Strategist @ Enhancv • Passionate science geek @ Ratio
  3. 3. Why you need data • Know where you stand • Find out how to improve • Kill anecdotal evidence • Be deliberate about your work
  4. 4. Qualitative vs quantitative data
  5. 5. Evolution Image Credit Small A/B tests, clear winner Layout and multivariate tests Copy, persuasion User feedback, major changes big wins
  6. 6. Historical data vs benchmarks The average conversion rate in the USA is 2% whether you’re selling elephants or iPods. Avinash Kaushik
  7. 7. measurementWhat data can tell you — and how?
  8. 8. The funnel Your audience Traffic sources Engaging content Ease of interaction Target action
  9. 9. Who’s your user?
  10. 10. measurementGoogle Analytics User Demographics
  11. 11. measurementFacebook Audience Insights
  12. 12. measurementLinkedIn Website Demographics
  13. 13. Who’s your user? • Google Analytics • Facebook Audience Insights • LinkedIn Website Audiences
  14. 14. What channels work?
  15. 15. What channels work? • Traffic • QUALITY traffic
  16. 16. How to engage people?
  17. 17. measurementGoogle Analytics Pairing Metrics
  18. 18. It’s not all numbers
  19. 19. measurementThe Beauty of Hotjar
  20. 20. By God, talk to people!
  21. 21. How to engage people? • Bounce rate • Time on site • Scroll rate • Shares • Visitor recordings • Surveys
  22. 22. measurementPutting it all together
  23. 23. Tools to Use
  24. 24. measurementThank you! Any Questions? The slides: valchanova.me/slides