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Gerrit & Jenkins Workflow: An Integrated CI Demonstration

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Gerrit & Jenkins Workflow: An Integrated CI Demonstration

  1. 1. Gerrit & Jenkins Workflow: An Integrated Demonstration Code Review and Automation, All In Docker For Gerrit User Summit 2015
  2. 2. Real World Use Case: Mobile Development ●Gerrit: Centralized Source and Code Review ●Jenkins: Automation and Integration ●Repo: Cross-repository Features (Android use)
  3. 3. Gerrit/Jenkins Solutions ●Gerrit Trigger + chained jobs ●Gerrit hooks firing Jenkins jobs ●Multiple Jobs with Gerrit trigger configured *NEW* Gerrit Trigger + Jenkins Workflow *NEW* Available as of Aug 2015 Parameterized trigger: supports workflow as of Aug 2015
  4. 4. Gerrit + CI Pain Points ●Fast feedback? ●Sequences of test jobs? ●Orphaned jobs?
  5. 5. Workflow Jenkins Workflow
  6. 6. Why Gerrit Trigger + Workflow for Gerrit CI integration? ●Gerrit hooks or gerrit trigger on multiple jobs solved a problem: how do I handle multiple parallel jobs? ○ This does it a lot more cleanly though ●Highly configurable ●Built-in concurrency & fail-fast options ●Lives in SCM, it can live in Gerrit and be reviewed separately ●Failure handling: try/catch and finally
  7. 7. Infrastructure
  8. 8. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants ●Jenkins Gerrit Trigger Plugin (2011) ●Jenkins Workflow (Mid- 2014) ●Gerrit Docker Image by ●Gerritforge (April 2015) ●Jenkins Docker Image (Started July 2014) ●Repo
  9. 9. Show &Tell + Key Points
  10. 10. Let’s Talk About The Dockerization
  11. 11. Closing Notes: Blog: ● https://www.cloudbees.com/blog/jenkins-workflow-and-gerrit-putting- pieces-together Sources: ● https://github.com/cloudbees/gerrit-workflow-demo Email: ● samvanoort@gmail.com

Notas do Editor

  • Grateful for the opportunity to present here, this is a little bit different, but I hope you’ll find it of useful
    Please hold the questions, I’ll pause periodically for questions -- skimming through a lot of material fast
    Who here uses Jenkins? Who here uses the Jenkins Gerrit Trigger? Who has used the Jenkins workflow plugin? And who here uses Docker? (Result: Jenkins & Gerrit Trigger are used overwhelmingly, workflow & docker much less so).
  • This is based on a real-world customer using this tool combination
  • All of these are common solutions to CI/CD integration with Gerrit and Jenkins, but the older solutions each have problems, as we’ll touch on in the next slide. Today I offer a new solution that has recently become available, which presents a better solution.
  • Problems:
    Fast is critical: parallel execution is a MUST HAVE for CI, as is fail-fast for parallel branches (report failures ASAP)
    Chained job lists become complex to maintain -- if you use different branch configs, this gets more complex, though templates help.
    Chaining jobs requires passing all configuration information as parameters from job to job -- gets messy fast!
    Gerrit hooks require gerrit-side configuration and do not maintain a clean separation of concerns for CI/CD server and code review
    Multiple jobs with triggers & chained jobs need to ensure that the pipeline does not generate orphaned jobs (wasted resources or environments)
    Multiple jobs need to ensure voting is handled correctly by each, and provide feedback in a consistent fashion to users
  • This is the configuration we’re showing today:
    Note that we’re doing parallel Linux, android, and windows builds
    Some of the tests give very fast feedback (seconds or minutes), others take hours or even overnight (complex UI automation)
    Some of the tests require significant system resources to run
  • Keep it simple: this is sort of the opposite of the Mesos installs (a small, simple case for users)
  • This is an integration example, so it leverages many existing technologies
  • Demo:
    Push + parallel jobs: see how a single workflow job can trigger many concurrent build steps very simply? Code as your build pipeline!
    Push + breakage case: parallel workflow steps can fail fast, so any failure kills the flow and notifies your developers immediately!
    Amending commit: kills running job and restarts a fresh one! No more “oops, re-push… and wait for CI”
  • Naming: containers need to see each other, and the names need to be consistent with clients (including use of repo)
    Solutions: container names, links, and DNS servers. For local work, /etc/hosts is a suitable hack.
    Dirty Hax Warning: For Demo Purposes, I Do Some Nasty Things, especially with configuration (keys, etc)
    Binary configs are a challenge for doing Docker image development in git - H2 DB
    Option to use SSH commands to land configuration?
    Run DB as separate container?
    Internal git repos are a pain point for saving Docker image development in git
    Mount them as volumes or clone in from externally if you want to preload the image