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Qualitative campus hiring

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Campus Hiring is also a part of “Recruitment Life Cycle”.

Till few years ago “Campus Hiring” was a hot topic in the industry.

Only cream of candidates are getting placed and others leave institution without an offer.

Improvement of competency required for both Corporate and Institution.

Corporate is not going to perform the role of a training academy anymore.

All of us are blaming recession, global economic slow down or the reduction of US outsourcing to India. But the reality is totally different.

Deep understanding and research are needed on why campus interviews has failed in India.

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Qualitative campus hiring

  1. 1. “QualitativeCampus Hiring”What’s happening behind the scenes!!! - Vijay Anand L V
  2. 2. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”About Vijay Anand (Head Mentor – Hirington Academy)Has closed to 13 years of experience in the Recruitment Industry. Workingexperience includes Leading Consultancy Services, IT/Telecom software companiesin Chennai, India. Holds a Bachelor of Science from Madras University, India. Masterof Labour Management from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai and a PostGraduate degree in Human Resources Management, Pondichery.• Experience of interviewing several hundreds of candidates across all the verticals.• Exposure to both consultancy and corporate environment.• Groomed a team of recruiters for productive results.• Provided recruitment solutions for several hundreds of recruiters through Online and In-person mentoring.• Founder and President of Global Recruiters Association, non profit organization for recruiters (www.graindia.org)• Online Recruitment Journal - Hirington (www.hirington.com),• Author of Hiring Handbook,• Cross Border Recruiter Exchange (an Online Facebook Community for Recruiters)• Subject Matter Expert in Recruitment.
  3. 3. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”What are your roles &responsibilities in yourOrganization / Institution?What is your understanding on“Campus Hiring”?
  4. 4. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”OverviewCampus Hiring is also a part of “Recruitment Life Cycle”.Till few years ago “Campus Hiring” was a hot topic in the industry.Only cream of candidates are getting placed and others leave institutionwithout an offer.Improvement of competency required for both Corporate and Institution.Corporate is not going to perform the role of a training academy anymore. All of us are blaming recession, global economic slow down or thereduction of US outsourcing to India. But the reality is totally different.Deep understanding and research are needed on why campus interviewshas failed in India.
  5. 5. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”Rise and Fall downCampus interviews are very popular for a decade or so. Before that therewere very less Engineering and B Schools in India. Where the employerscould able to find the right talents through on or off campus mode. Onecould count the number of campus hiring visits.Demand for candidates on core competencies pushed employers to trainmore candidates.Other employers started poaching the trained candidates as they wereready to deploy into their projects without any cost incurring on theirtraining.Core candidates understood their importance and started looking for aminimum of 100% salary hike. Industry was ready to accept the unethicalhiring practice as they were getting ready made candidates.
  6. 6. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”Rise and Fall downSudden increase of salaries across IT industry, particularly with theexperienced candidates made employers think on alternativearrangements.Employers started targeting cream students across all the educationalinstitutions in India. Even though an employer belongs to southern part ofIndia was interested to travel north just to catch hold of the creamcandidates.Birth of unethical campus hiring - Most of the institutions bribed the HeadHR or the deciding authorities to improve selection numbers in campushiring. On other part, few deciding authorities from the organization alsostarted demanding money against the offer letter. Thus the unqualifiedtalents started coming into the organization.
  7. 7. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”Rise and Fall downOn the other hand, demand of cream candidates went high from 10,000INR per month to 35,000 INR / month (For Engineering Grads) based oncompetition created by other employers. On an average, a highly scoredcandidate got 3-5 offers and he / she joined the organization based on highpay.Employer lately understood that they had to put the cream candidatesagain into a training period of 3-12 months. Already the offered CTC wentup high and now the training charges also shoot up.For last couple of years, organizations have started quoting bids on a lowerrates to sustain and compete in the market.
  8. 8. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”Rise and Fall downAlready the income for the organizations (except all Tier 1 and few Tier 2companies) has gone down and the salary bandwidth of the candidates hasgone high. So they have all the employees as a billable resource in theorganization. No one is ready to afford their time on training candidates inthe projects.To make students industry ready, institutions started tie up with externaltrainers. Already the text books are out dated and now the training hasbecome more theoretical. Most of the projects are not done by thestudents.There is a huge difference between what it has been written in the resumeand what the candidate knows.
  9. 9. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”ObstaclesCampus Hiring is also part of the recruitment. Most of us see it as an alien.Bringing the client to the campus and co-ordinating the event alonedoesn’t become Campus Hiring.People with nil background in recruitment can become a part of campushiring.Understanding the industry and understanding the recruitment life cycleis two different things.Students are trained based on an assumption and a generic skills. Whichmay or may not be the requirement.Middle men en-cashes a lot of money on campus hiring as one part of thepeople don’t disclose the exact requirement and another part doesn’tunderstand the entire life cycle of the recruitment.
  10. 10. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”Improvement areasPlacement Managers should become more competent by upgrading theirskills in end to end recruitment.They should be able to meet / speak to the client once in a while on theupcoming campus hiring plans.Based on the plans alone students need to be trained. Not in generic skills.Corporate to understand students closely by adopting few of them fortheir upcoming hiring schedule.Build a social profile for the students and en-light them with various inbuilt competency.Don’t look for a placement, look for a career.Improve Alumni associations strong. Connect them once in a while withyour students.
  11. 11. “Qualitative Campus Hiring”Stop training on Generic SkillsStudents said that the pattern of aptitude tests, too, has changed in 2013.“We prepared for the regular format comprising questions on time anddistance, and probability among others. Instead, we got puzzles, sudoko,crossword, twisters, mind teasers and analytical questions,” a student said.The interviews too, he said, had three panellists instead of one.Create Career, not a Job…
  12. 12. “Qualitative Campus Hiring” Any Questions? Thank You…!!!Reach me : contact@hiringtonacademy.org +91 9841696536