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Path testing

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Path testing

  1. 1. IMPLEMENTATION OF PATH TESTING AIM: It is aimed to perform path testing using win runner. TEST PLANNING: 1. Test strategy  Scope of testing To test the transaction between project application and the database  Test deliverables To test the input and output of the project Input: Login details Product details Transaction details Out put: Report details  Tools used VB& win-runner 2. Test plan It is a document to say what to test when to test, how to test, who to test What to test VB project When to test After the execution of the project How to test Using win-runner tool Who to test Developer/ tester 3. Test bed It is the environment in which we test Here the test Bed is VB& win runner TEST DEVELOPMENT: Test cases i. Input • Login user name, password. • Worker detailsworker id, worker name, designation, date of join, Basic pay. • Product detailsproduct id, product name, amount per product, quantity, date of manufacturing, quality of the product. • Transaction detailstrans-id, product name, trans date, amount per product, number of product, total price.
  2. 2. ii. Output Reports of Worker detail, Transaction detail, Product detail. iii. Condition To satisfy all the input conditions TEST EXECUTION: Step1: Initialize the win runner Start programs win runner win runner Step2: Create a new VB Project to be tested and save it Step3: In win runner create a new task Step4: Go to insert GUI checkpoint single property Step5: Click on record button and open the saved VB Project Step6: Then click on stop button the file will be recorded automatically Step7: Then click on the button Run from top, This will automatically give the test result as Pass: If executed with out errors Fail: If executed with some errors And the execution time will also be displayed
  5. 5. RESULT: The Transaction-flow testing is completed successfully.