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2014 sitc album

Summer in NYC

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2014 sitc album

  1. 1. Bring it on NYC!!!
  2. 2. Learning “The Business of Show Business with BOB LUKE: On-set acting coach to the A-Listers!: “THE COSBY SHOW”, Mel Gibson, (RANSOM), Meryl Streep (MUSIC OF THE HEART), Wes Craven, and Jesse Eisenberg (DOGBOY), “UNDERDOG,” "RACING STRIPES", including Whoopi Goldberg & Joe Pantaliano. ENCHANTED" starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Sarandon. He has discovered and guided many actors, to stardom: Josh Hutcherson Matthew Schechter of “ELF”Jake Goldberg “GROWNUPS” Riley Smith of “24," ”NEW YORK MINUTE” Rachael Boston "AMERICAN DREAMS" Brittany Daniel "The SWEET VALLEY HIGH” "JOE DIRT“ Noah Fleiss “BRICK” “JOE THE KING” Alicia Minshew “ALL MY CHILDREN” Michelle Trachtenberg “HARRIET, THE SPY,” BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER” and “ICE PRINCESS” Sarah Michelle Gellar “BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER,” “SCOOBY DOO,” “SCREAM 2,” “RINGER”.
  3. 3. Avery Fisher Hall Cool!
  4. 4. Kit Kat Club Girl: “Rosie”: Jane Pfitisch
  5. 5. Working hard…. ! NYC Pizza!!!
  6. 6. Au Revoir….. To “The Big Apple” …..until next year!!!