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5 epic search tools to make your assignment easier

Researching for your assignment is a journey. You may be required to search many different locations before your find what you're looking for.

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5 epic search tools to make your assignment easier

  1. 1. social.usq.edu.au CRICOS: QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA: PRV12081 14.3.M 09.2016 Graphics © Shutterstock Knowledge Island Sea of My stery Shore of discovery Did you know? The USQ Library has over 60,000 journal titles and over 140,000 eBooks available from the Library website. Google & Google Scholar Searching the Internet is great, and there are lots excellent sources for facts and background reading. However, if you’re looking for more scholarly resources, try Google Scholar. This search tool has a unique ranking system, so it often comes up with different results than Library Search does. Google Scholar also links to many of USQ’s subscriptions, so you can access Full Text versions for free. Library Search The best place to begin is with a Library Search. This allows you to search for books, journal articles, newspaper articles, eBook chapters, videos and other papers and resources – even the Library catalogue. However, some fantastic databases aren’t included in the Library search and need to be searched individually, especially for Law. Library Catalogue Looking for a specific book or another item on a particular subject? The Library catalogue allows you to search for specific items held at the USQ Library. Search a specific database It may seem time-consuming to search through individual databases, but that’s often where the most in- depth information lies. Try clicking ‘Search a Database’ on the Library website and search your discipline to access full-text journal articles, eBooks, streaming video and other material. Course readings on StudyDesk Your course readings are essential when it comes to understanding your assignment topic. Just don’t forget to check your criteria sheet to see if you can use them in your reference list! Map Key Remember! - Make sure you evaluate your sources by checking the REVIEW framework in the Finding Information Tutorials, and don’t rely on sources when you are not able to verify their credibility. Find out more about the best resources to use for your assignments and where to start by visiting the USQ Library or Social Hub. *Wong, S.H.R. & Webb, T.D. 2011, ‘Uncovering meaningful correlation between student academic performance and library material usage’, College and Research Libraries, vol. 72, no. 4, viewed 31st August 2016, http://repository.hkbu.edu.hk/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1010&context=lib_ja. Searching for resources is a whole lot easier when you know exactly where to look. Good luck with your assignment! 5 epic search tools to make your assignment easier Did you know that students who use library resources perform better academically than non-library users?* It’s so important to use good quality information in your assignments to get top results. When on the hunt for the perfect resources to use for your assignment, use this map to guide you. There are so many different locations you can search from - some may lead to a helpful hint while others may lead to heaps of good articles!