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Are You LinkedIn?

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Presentation on Getting Started using LinkedIn

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Are You LinkedIn?

  1. 1. Are You Presented By: Urvi Mehta www.linkedin.com/in/urvimehta
  2. 2. What is LinkedIn? Business oriented social networking site founded in Dec 2002 and launched in May 2003 mainly used for professional networking As of Feb 2009, it has more than 35 millions registered users, spanning 170 industries Serious about Business
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn Build Your professional network Stay in touch with your connections Find job opportunities Grow relationships Build authority Detect leads and opportunities
  4. 4. How is LinkedIn different Connections are Controlled Easy to Use Few Applications No Multi-media
  5. 5. Getting Started Upload a Good Photo Complete Your Entire Profile, Including Previous Jobs Use Keywords Liberally in Your Profile Link to Websites using Keywords
  6. 6. Your Profile Have a clear headline Update your status Share as many relevant positions and experience on your public profile Get recommended Add relevant links Have your name in your profile URL for Google
  7. 7. LinkedIn Contacts
  8. 8. Network Statistics
  9. 9. Invite Contacts Invite Anyone You Meet in a Business Setting Use Custom Text in Your Intro, Unless You Know the Person Well
  10. 10. Adding Connections
  11. 11. Finding Connections LinkedIn Search Name Company Location Keyword Browse Connections Invite Contacts from Email
  12. 12. Connections Profile What they are up to Monitor and respond if relevant Learn from their current and past functions, projects and expertise Who recommended them? On what type of projects? Check their network
  13. 13. Connections Profile
  14. 14. LinkedIn Search People Jobs Answers Inbox Groups
  15. 15. Advanced Search
  16. 16. Searching Contacts Search Relevant Contacts by conducting detailed searches Save Searches Email results to you weekly Check connections and groups you have in common; check their profile for expertise and recommendations Use INmail (payed) or get introduced (free)
  17. 17. LinkedIn Recommendations Liberally Provide and Request Recommendations Use Custom Invite Text Provide some guidance to reviewer on possible themes/keywords
  18. 18. LinkedIn Groups Join Groups and Participate Meet People Through Group Discussions, Members List Great way to build your network Create your Own Group Check Your connections groups and subscribe to those
  19. 19. Types of Groups on LinkedIn Types of Groups Alumni Associations Community Organizations Industries Professional Certifications Software Programs Geography
  20. 20. Group Discussions Check what your contacts post and interact/react/discuss/suggest Jump in and Share you experience
  21. 21. What are LinkedIn Answers? Started in Jan 2007 Users can ask and answer questions in their network Social Community Aspect of LinkedIn Many categories
  22. 22. Example of LinkedIn Answers
  23. 23. Why Use LinkedIn Answers? Establish and maintain your personal brand by being a subject matter expert Add value to the LI community Share free advice regarding questions with a diverse professional network Meet other professionals with the same interests and experiences Discover potential networking contacts
  24. 24. Answer First Answering questions before asking questions permit you to get to know common practices and protocol Search for and review answers in categories you wish to learn more about Determine how often you will search for questions in a category that you can provide valuable answers to.
  25. 25. LinkedIn Q/A’s Info… You can select up to 200 of your 1st degree connections to email it to Free Members can ask 10 questions per month Premium members can ask 25 Each question is open to answers for 7 days
  26. 26. LinkedIn Messages Send Message to 10 people at a time Don’t be spammy
  27. 27. Events
  28. 28. LinkedIn Applications My Travel Slideshare Presentations Box.net Files Company Buzz Google Presentation Huddle Workspace Wordpress
  29. 29. My Travel by TripIt See where your network is traveling to and when you will be in the same city as your colleagues. Allows you to easily meet up at the next industry event or re-connect with old friends. Display your current location, upcoming trips and travel stats within your network.
  30. 30. Slideshare Presentations Share your presentations with your colleagues and connections LinkedIn. View the presentations of all your connections, find experts for certain industries and topics, and share important presentations with your own connections and the rest of the LinkedIn network. You can reinforce your professional reputation by embedding SlideShare presentations in your LinkedIn profile to feature your portfolio and work.
  31. 31. Box.net Share your important data on LinkedIn. Collaborate, share, and exchange your important documents with your specific connections on LinkedIn. In addition to providing free storage and collaboration features, you can also feature key documents directly on your profile. Perfect to showcase your latest work, past deals, or portfolio.
  32. 32. Company Buzz What are your customers saying about your company? Every second thousands of people are sending out messages about companies and industries on blogs, twitter, and across the internet. Company Buzz taps into this information for you, to find the relevant trends and comments about your company.
  33. 33. Google Presentations Google presentations are a professional way to introduce yourself and your work. Add a presentation to your LinkedIn profile to showcase a recent talk or presentation, display a visual portfolio of your professional accomplishments, or introduce yourself to recruiters and professional contacts viewing your profile. Upload a Powerpoint file or use Google’s free online application to create your presentation, then post it to your profile for others to view.
  34. 34. Huddle Workspaces Collaborate with any of your connections privately and securely. Instantly create a project and invite specific connections to join in and collaborate. Brainstorm, exchange ideas with discussion forums, and monitor your progress with RSS feeds. Allows you to directly co-edit your documents and spreadsheets and keeps track of the changes made as a team.
  35. 35. Blog: Wordpress Application Connect your WordPress blog with LinkedIn Stay connected with your Linkedin network by syncing your WordPress blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. Once added you can select to filter your posts with a special LinkedIn tag in addition to displaying your personal WordPress icon.
  36. 36. LinkedIn Outlook Toolbar
  37. 37. LinkedIn Brower Toolbar
  38. 38. Final Thoughts Stay in the know Get involved in Groups Create opportunities Start Connecting Build authority Keep your Profile Current Be found—Optimize your profile through Keywords Change your Public Profile to Your Name
  39. 39. Let’s Connect To Stay connected with me: My Blog – www.UrviMehta.com Facebook – http://profile.to/urvimehta Twitter – http://twitter.com/urvimehta LinkedIn -- www.linkedin.com/in/urvimehta