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Cart Abandonment Solutions

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UpSellit provides completely custom cart abandonment solutions that increase conversions on a 100% pay-for-performance pricing model. Leveraging proprietary chat, email and survey technologies, UpSellit reduces cart abandonment instantly and delivers relevant and engaging customer experiences.

UpSellit's Abandonment Chat solution (http://www.upsellit.com/automated-chat-site-abandonment-solution.jsp) leverages a sophisticated automated chat engine to understand customer questions and provide intelligent assistance. UpSellit's automated chat technology, SmartAgent, engages site visitors mid-abandonment to address concerns and answer frequently asked questions in order to increase site conversions 10-25%.

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Cart Abandonment Solutions

  1. 1. New Pay-for-PerformanceCart Abandonment SolutionsPresented by: Max LoewenthalDirector of Business Development, UpSellit
  2. 2. What percentageof your visitorsabandon yourwebsite?
  3. 3. 97-98% Site Abandonment? Convert 3% Fireclick Index Abandon 97%
  4. 4. 51% Cart Abandonment? Abandon 51% Convert 49% Forrester Report: The State of Retailing Online
  5. 5. What are youdoing to reducesite and cartabandonment?
  6. 6. UpSellit Develops Site &Cart Abandonment SolutionsAbandonment Chat Email ReMarketing Abandonment Survey
  7. 7. We Increase Conversions 10-25%For Over 200 Online Businesses
  8. 8. “The people at UpSellit are easy to workwith, responsive and great at what theydo… UpSellit lifted overall conversionsfrom 8% to 10%… resulting in a 25%increase in sales.” Natalie Bonacasa, PetCareRX.com
  9. 9. Assisting the Funnel
  10. 10. Site Abandonment Chat• Increase Conversions 10-25%• Reduce Site & Cart Abandonment• Bring Consumers Back Mid-Abandonment• Learn Why Consumers Are Abandoning• Provide Real Value with Intelligent Support• Test Offers, Messaging & Discounts• 100% Pay-for-Performance• Minimal Client-Side Tech Time
  11. 11. Defining Artificial Intelligence “…no discernible difference between the conversation generated by the machine and that of an intelligent person.” Alan Turing, 1912-1954
  12. 12. Mid-Abandonment Launch1. User Moves Mouse to Toolbar2. Chat Window Launches3. User Engages in Chat
  13. 13. Abandonment Chat Case StudyNational Brand’s Online Retail Distributor & CJ Advertiser• 10-Day Pilot on 100% of Shopping Cart Traffic• Predictive Chat Launch Method• Product-Specific Chat Windows• Foundational Knowledge Base of ~100 Responses• Split-Test of 20% OFF vs. Free Shipping• Minimal Client-Side Tech Time
  14. 14. Abandonment Chat Case Study10-Day Pilot Completed July 18, 2011:• 13.15% Increase in Overall Revenue• 12.28% Increase in Orders Placed• 20% OFF Incentive Performed 1.8X Better Than Free Shipping• Free Shipping Reduced AOV 14%• 20% OFF Resulted in Zero Reduction in AOV (+.2%)• Transcripts Revealed Unidentified Canadian Shopper’s Needs (7.2% Traffic)
  15. 15. Site Abandonment ChatTestimonial“The true value of the UpSellit program for us is that itallows us to communicate directly with repeat visitorsto our website. We have the added flexibility to makechanges to our offer, as well as the timing of thecommunication, each of which is critical to oursuccess.”VP of Partner Sales | Lifelock
  16. 16. DataHound Lead Recovery& ReMarketing• Reduce Cart Abandonment• Increase Conversions 5-15%• Build ReMarketing Database• Optimize Messaging & Incentives
  17. 17. This Isn’t TraditionalEmail MarketingTraditional Email Marketing:• Leverages User-Submitted Information• Relies on a Multi-Page Conversion Funnel• Ongoing Multi-Email Strategy
  18. 18. DataHound Lead Recovery• Collect Consumer Information Instantly• Omit Sensitive Fields• Capture All Visitor Session Data• Easily Sort & Segment Leads• All Information Stored Securely• Data Protection Act Compliant
  19. 19. DataHound EmailReMarketing Strategy• Reduce Cart Abandonment with 1-Time Email• Leverage UpSellit or Self-Manage• Send a Single Email• Send 1-2 Hours After Consumer Abandons• Offer Support & Provide an Incentive
  20. 20. DataHound EmailReMarketing Solution• Fully Hosted & Managed• Ongoing Campaign Optimization• Custom Branded HTML Emails• Promote Products/Services Abandoned• Reinforce Brand Equity• Optimized for Mobile• CAN-SPAM Act Compliant Emails
  21. 21. Complete Reporting
  22. 22. DataHound Case StudyCart Abandonment Campaign OverviewNationally-Recognized Online Retailer• 10-Day Pilot on 100% of Shopping Cart Traffic• DataHound Pre-Submit Contact Capture• 1-Time Email with 2 Hour Delay• Technical Support Messaging• Split-Test of 5% OFF vs. 10% OFF• Copy & Paste 10-Minute Integration
  23. 23. DataHound Case StudyCart Abandonment Campaign Results10-Day Pilot Completed August 4, 2011• 28.4% Email Click-Thru Rate• 19.8% Click-Thru Conversion Rate• 5.2% Increase in Overall Conversions• 10% OFF Performed 1.47X Better than 5% OFF Incentive• AOV Remained the Same Between Both Tests• Copy & Paste 10-Minute Integration
  24. 24. DataHound Lead RecoveryTestimonial“UpSellits DataHound solution hasexceeded our expectations… The team hasbeen very easy to work with, theimplementation was smooth, and the resultsstarted strong and have consistently grownstronger over time.”Program Manager | AllData
  25. 25. Site & Cart Abandonment Survey• Increase Overall Conversions 1-5%• Collect Actionable Business Intelligence• Build ReMarketing Databases• Promote Social Engagement• Build Brand Loyalty
  26. 26. Not A Typical Online SurveyTypical Online Survey Services:• Lack Compelling Engagement• Email Customers Post-Transaction• Leverage Embedded Online Surveys• Use a Linear Question Flow• Limited Branding Opportunities
  27. 27. UpSellit’s Survey• Abandonment Detection Technology• Target Site & Cart Abandonment• Advanced Question Logic• Real-Time Custom Reporting Engine• Custom, Integrated, Branded Experience
  28. 28. Cart Abandonment Detection • Predict Abandonment • Proactive Launch • Seamless Experience
  29. 29. Advanced Question Logic
  30. 30. Custom, Integrated, Branded
  31. 31. UpSellit’s Survey Strategies• Reduce Cart Abandonment• Reduce Site Abandonment• Collect Business Insight• Drive Conversions• Build Brand Loyalty
  32. 32. Collect Business Insight• Non-Customer Feedback• Detailed Session Data• Easily Sort Analyze Info
  33. 33. Drive Conversions• Address Purchase Concerns• Reinforce Brand Value• Suggest Alternative Products/Services
  34. 34. Build Brand Loyalty• Increase Newsletter Signups• Promote Social Engagement• Extend Brand Experience
  35. 35. UpSellit Complete Reporting
  36. 36. Getting Started with UpSellit• 100% CPA, No Set-Up Fees• Review & Approve Engagement Strategy• Paste Custom Javascript Tag On Site• Login to Custom Reporting• Ongoing Optimization & Client Audits• Reduce Cart Abandonment Instantly
  37. 37. Thank You for Viewing New Pay-for-PerformanceSite Abandonment Solutions Contact: Max Loewenthal Director of Business Development, UpSellitEmail: Max@UpSellit.com | Office: (805) 322 1517