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Social Media Marketing for Beginners- A Strategic Guide

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The number of social media users worldwide with more than 3 billion, social media provides a powerful way for businesses to build brand awareness and reach new customers, and generate business mileage. Therefore, it becomes necessary for businesses to understand the concept of social media marketing and how it can help beginners to perform successfully in achieving their digital marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing helps businesses to connect with their audience and promote products or services using social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

This elaborate PPT guide by Upreports will help beginners to understand the importance of social media in businesses and make them aware of ‘how to do social media marketing’. But just making a social media strategy is not sufficient, creating a strategic plan is a must if enormous business mileage has to be generated.

Go through this social media marketing case study to understand an SM campaign better!

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are promising playgrounds for creating social media marketing strategies. If businesses are able to exploit them to their fullest, it will gather a lot of business for the enterprises.

Here are the social media content strategies for all three platforms to make the statement more clear.

Take a look at the entire PPT to understand social media marketing for beginners! It will help in creating the best social media marketing plan for your business.
Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to comment. Email us at hello@upreports.com to discuss your social media marketing goals with us and get a unique social media marketing strategy for your business.

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Social Media Marketing for Beginners- A Strategic Guide

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING for beginners
  3. 3. 2.38 billion MAU 1.9 billion MAU1.1 billion MAU Information RecommendationsEntertainment Products
  4. 4. Increase brand awareness Connect with customers Boost sales & leads SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  6. 6. Biggest social network
  7. 7. Share Useful and relevant content e.g. DIY videos Engage with customers Post updates
  8. 8. What to do on Facebook? • Setup your business or personal page on Facebook • Optimize your page to perfection by filling in all the details. • Invite your friends, family, and clients to like the page. • Post page updates and stories to get attention from your followers. • Share useful content with your followers to stay relevant • Focus on visual content since it gets high engagement • If you are a business, focus on getting Facebook Recommendations
  9. 9. Over 1 billion subscribers
  10. 10. Post Pictures Stories Post videos
  11. 11. What to do on Instagram? • Optimize your Instagram profile to perfection. Write a perfect bio and use a nice profile picture. • Post top quality images and videos on your profile regularly. At least one per day! • Post stories to get attention from your followers. • Create Highlights to curate content and success stories • Use hashtags to grow your post reach • Creative captions that your audience can connect with. • Work on community engagement to get followers. Check the description for Instagram content creation case study link!
  12. 12. Second largest search engine
  13. 13. Post useful content
  14. 14. What to do on Youtube? • Optimize your Youtube profile to perfection. Write a perfect description and use a nice profile picture. • Create high quality videos for your Youtube profile. • Set video creation goals. Aim for at least 3 per month. • If you are a business, get video testimonials and publish them on Youtube • Use detailed description, keyword focused title, and tags for every video • Initially, focus on create cornerstone videos that will support your business. • Don’t know how to create videos? Email us at hello@upreports.com !
  15. 15. World’s largest business network
  16. 16. What to do on LinkedIn? • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to perfection. Write a perfect description and use a professional picture. If representing a business, create a LinkedIn page. • Post top quality content on your profile regularly. At least one per day! • Work on growing your personal network. If managing a page, focus on growing followers. • Engage with followers through comments and sharing. • Use hashtags to grow your post reach • Creative captions that your audience can connect with.
  17. 17. Social media can generate: • Sales • Leads • Traffic • Engagement But only if done right.
  18. 18. Need help with your social media presence? Drop an email for free consultation hello@upreports.com