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Entrepreneurs meet Embassies

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  2. 2. EME Portugal & Italy 10 October Strengthening Europe’s economy through Cross-Border Trade UNITEE has organised a series entrepreneurs and professionals, of of conferences and high-level business and investment opportunities networking events aimed at stimulat- in other countries around Europe. Those ing business and trade opportunities in events serve as forums for diplomats, Europe. Chief among these has been chambers of commerce and entrepre- a series of conferences entitled Entre- neurs to exchange ideas on how the preneurs meet Embassies featuring investment potential of their respective diplomatic, political and business rep- countries can be maximised through resentatives from a range of European constructive dialogue and cross-border countries.The purpose of these confer- collaboration between governments and ences is to inform our members, innovators.2
  3. 3. Our UNITEE EME EventsEME Portugal & Italy 10/10/11 EME Romania & Bulgaria 05/12/11Our first event focused on Portugal and Italy and fea- Our second event in December was attended by en-tured trade representatives, diplomats and politicians trepreneurs from Belgium and the Netherlands eagerfrom those countries to learn about business opportunities in Romania and BulgariaEME Baltic States 31/01/12 EME Poland 18/04/12The first of our events to take place at the European Our most recent event focused on investment op-Parliament, this conference was hosted by Estonian portunities in Poland and was hosted by the PolishMEP Kristiina Ojuland embassy in Belgium 3
  4. 4. ENTREPRENEURS MEET EMBASSIES: Portugal & Italy 10 October 2011 Mr. Adem KUMCU On 10 October, European-Turkish entrepreneurs from around Belgium met with diplomatic representa- tives from Portugal and Italy with the aim of discovering new and innovative ways to promote cross-border trade in Europe. The event was organised by the European-Turkish Business Confederation (UNITEE) and Betiad - the Federation of Active Entrepreneurs, and was the first of a number of such meetings involving embassies and business persons from around Europe. This conference included speakers such as: • Mr. Jan Van Fraechen, president of the Belgium-Portuguese Chamber • Mr. Federico Eichberg, vice-president of Invitália • Ms. Claire Tillekaerts, General Director of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) Also present was a number of leading figures from the Belgian business community including: • Mr. Philipe Suinen, chief executive officer of the Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX) • Mr. Jacques Evrard, managing director of Brussels Investment & Export and • Mr. Jan Sap, managing director of UNIZO The event was accompanied by a selection of Portuguese and Italian music and an art exhibition by Miro da Silva. Dr Adem Kumcu, president of UNITEE said: it is my sincere hope that this event will mark the beginning of constructive dialogue between entrepreneurs, innovators, diplomats and decision makers in turn contribut- ing to Europe’s economic recovery.4
  5. 5. Dr Adem Kumcuopens art exhibitionby Miro da Silva 5
  6. 6. From the left: Pavel Strahilov, Mugur Popovici, Chantal De Bleu, Savas Matin and Atalay Tamer6
  7. 7. ENTREPRENEURS MEET EMBASSIES: Romania & Bulgaria 5 December 2011 The second event in this series took place in December 2011. This conferencewas organised by the UNITEE in association with the Federation of Active Entrepreneurs in Belgium (Betiad) andthe Federation of Young Dutch Entrepreneurs (HOGIAF).Speakers at the event included:• Mr Mugur Popovici, minister-counsellor (commercial and economic) at the Embassy of Romania• Mr Atalay Tamer, president of the Romanian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry• Mr Pavel Strahilov third secretary, commercial affairs, Bulgarian embassy in Belgium and Luxembourg• Ms Chantal De Bleu, deputy general manager, Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency• Ms Rovana Plumb MEP, a member of the delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee 7
  8. 8. ENTREPRENEURS MEET EMBASSIES: 31 January 2012 The Baltic States On Tuesday 31 January, European-Turkish entrepreneurs from Belgium and the Netherlands met with diplomatic and business representatives from the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. This event was the third of the series and was the first one that took place in the European Parliament. The host was Ms Kristiina Ojuland, a Member of the European Parliament for Estonia. The participants were addressed by a number of high-profile speakers including: • Ms. Lelde Līce – Līcīte, Latvian Ambassador to Belgium, • Ms. Tuuli Parnsalu, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim at the Estonian Embassy in Belgium • Mr. Tomas Vasilevskis, Head of the Lithuanian Business representation in Belgium • Ms. Sandra Kalniete, a Member of the European Parliament for Latvia The Secretary-General of UNITEE, Mr Savas Metin said: the ‘‘New European business community in Belgium and in Europe at large is young, flexible and eager to embrace education and new skills. Considering the changing nature of demographics in Europe, New-European entrepreneurs will play a key role in ensuring our future prosperity’’.8
  9. 9. Adem Kumcu with the Polish ambassador Mr Artur Harazim ENTREPRENEURS MEET EMBASSIES: 18 April 2012 Poland UNITEE in collaboration with the Embassy of Poland organised the fourth event of our series entitled Entrepreneurs meet Embassies on Wednesday 18th April. The event took place at the Embassy of Republic of Poland in Brussels and was hosted by HE Ambassador Artur Harazim. The debate waschaired by Mr Bartłomiej Lewandowski, First Secretary of the Trade and Investment Promotion Section.Participants heard from very important and influential speakers such as:• Mr Marek Korowajczyk, Deputy Director of Department of Promotion and Bilateral Cooperation at the Ministry of Economy• Mr Jean-Marie De Baerdemaeker, Managing Director at BEPOLUX• Professor Krzysztof Rybiński, Rector of the Vistula University• Mr Mehmet Orhun Eskici, Executive Board Member at Akfel GroupIn his welcome speech, Ambassador Harazim emphasised the importance of the close cooperation betweenPoland and Turkey in the economic and political realms. Dr Adem Kumcu promised that playing the role ofintermediary, UNITEE will aid and advise entrepreneurs, in finding new business opportunities and engagingwith the key players in the Polish market. 9
  10. 10. IN THE FUTURE: More Entrepreneurs Meet Embassies and Trade Missions In the future UNITEE will con- experience the country first hand. They tinue its effort to promote cross- will witness with their own eyes the busi- border trade by delivering top quality ness environment, they will meet their programmes in collaboration with Eu- counterparts in their respective sectors, ropean countries and their Embassies. decision-makers and other stakeholders And we will not stop there! In order to and they will have an opportunity to net- deepen business relations and expand work and build business relations. As dr knowledge of international trade and in- Adem Kumcu, the President of UNITEE, vestment opportunities in Europe’s un- said: ‘‘At UNITEE, we will continue to familiar markets, UNITEE will organise take concrete steps to develop business trade missions to those countries. Dur- relations between our entrepreneurs ing these visits missions ambitious en- and those (…) all over Europe’’. trepreneurs and business professionals will have a chance to Ambassador Lelde Lice-Licite visits UNITEE’s offices in Brussels to discuss a trade mission to Latvia TO BE CONTINUED…10
  11. 11. Our European Network Poland Austria Germany Portugal Belgium Ireland Slovenia Czech Republic Italy Spain Denmark Latvia Sweden Estonia Lithuania Switzerland Finland Luxembourg The Netherlands France Norway UK 11
  12. 12. European-Turkish Business Confederation UNITEE EVENT Meeûssquare 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium www.unitee.eu | info@unitee.eu[T] +32 (0) 2 204 05 33 | [F] +32 (0) 2 218 67 24