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United Paycheck - Understanding Binary Payment

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United Paycheck - Understanding Binary Payment

  1. 1. Understanding Binary Income Transforming Dreams Into Reality
  2. 2. Earning Opportunities AdPort Direct Referral Binary Earning Earning Earning $1 Per AdPort $2 Per Pair 30 Cents purchased or AdPort Per Day repurchased purchased orPer AdPort by your repurchased by Referral your Down line
  3. 3. Earning Criteria Qualification Earning LimitAdPort 30 Cents Per Day Up to 100 Buy AdPortEarning Per AdPort Days $1 Per AdPort Direct Enroll purchased orReferral No Limit Referral repurchased byEarning your Referral At least one $2 Per Pair AdPort Based onBinary activated Left & purchased or AdPort &Earning one Right repurchased by Sub AdPort Referral your Down line Table
  4. 4. A Binary Tree Structure Active Member Inactive Member AdPort > 0 AdPort = 0 You Left Team Right TeamLeft Down Line Right Down Line
  5. 5. Your Enrolment with UPCYou  You registered to United Paycheck  Purchased few AdPorts  You will start earning 30 cents per day per AdPort for 100 days
  6. 6. Direct Referral Earning You Left Right Team Team  You can have any number of direct referralsSpill Over  Other than your immediate Left and Right, all other referrals are called spill over  You will paid $1 each AdPorts purchased and repurchased by all your direct referrals
  7. 7. Activate Your Binary Earning  Get your left & right referrals You  If your left and right referral buy at least one AdPort each, it will activate your binary Left RightReferral Referral earning
  8. 8. No Differential Commission You  You will be paid $2 for Left Right Level-1 each pair (One Left &Team Team One Right) of AdPorts Level-2 sold under you  AdPort commission doesnt depend on Level-3 which level it is Level-N brought
  9. 9. Level Balancing Not Required You  At every level you don’t Left Right Level-1 need to haveTeam Team compulsory two ( Left & Right) referrals Level-2  Your binary payment will depend on total number of AdPorts Level-3 sold under your left and right down lines Level-N
  10. 10. Carry Forward Carry Carry Total AdPort Total AdPort Serial No. Income Forward Forward Sold in Left Sold in Right Left Right 1 20 7 $14.00 13 0 2 7 14 $28.00 6 0 3 10 20 $32.00 0 4 4 15 11 $30.00 0 0 5 12 20 $24.00 0 8There is daily payoutSide having less number of AdPorts gets paid off Side having more number of AdPorts gets carry forwarded for next day payout
  11. 11. Main & Sub AdPort TableFirst 10 AdPort purchased/ 11th and onward AdPort purchase/repurchased by any down line under repurchased by any of your downyou will go to Main AdPort Table line under you will go to Sub A d P o r t t a b l e
  12. 12. Unlimited Depth PayoutExample 1: If Mr. X has two referrals Mr. Example 2: Continuing the sameY in Left Team and Ms. Z in Right Team; scenario, where Mr. X has two referralsand Mr. Y purchased 13 AdPorts Mr. Y in Left Team and Ms. Z in Rightwhereas Mr. Z purchased 7 AdPorts. In Team; and Mr. Y repurchased 50this scenario Mr. X’s incentive calculation AdPorts whereas Mr. Z repurchased 45will be in following two tables: AdPorts. Mr. X’s incentive calculation tables will now look like following:
  13. 13. Earning from sub AdPort tableSub Ad Port binary is paid for that day if Main Ad Port binary balancing is at least 10% of thehighest eligible level of any 6 levels of Sub Ad Port binary. Till Sub Ad Port binary is not paid, both the teams in Sub Ad Port table are carry forwarded.
  14. 14. Benefits Of Binary System You will get the same $2 binary commission at 1st level, 2nd level, 10th or 100th level i.e. at all levels You will get the commission every day on purchase and repurchase of AdPorts by your down line and referral You get the benefit from the referrals and your down lines both. Help you to build healthy and competent team by avoid group conflict by putting all common contacts on one side so the whole team gets benefits.
  15. 15. Binary Income

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