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ui42 Martin Krupa WUD 2012 Stages of usability addoption at companies

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World Usability Day 2012 at ui42: Martin Krupa speaks about stages of usability adoption in companies according to Jacob Nielsen. Martin presents his overview about state of usability in Slovakia since 2005.

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ui42 Martin Krupa WUD 2012 Stages of usability addoption at companies

  1. 1. Corporate Usability MaturityMartin Krupa ui42
  2. 2. Jakob Nielsens Alertbox, April 24, 2006 http://www.useit.com/alertbox/maturity.html <+1>
  3. 3. Stage 1: Hostility Toward Usability • „Nás nezaujímajú používatelia.“ • „Zabila by som tých používateľov.“ • Developers dont want to hear about users or their needs; their only goal is to build features and make them work • ...hostility toward usability predominated in most IT shops until the 1980s • Forget about promoting usability • People have to want to change before theres any chance of helping them do so. <+1>
  4. 4. Stage 2: Developer-Centered Usability • “Teraz nemáme čas. Aj keby sme spravili usability testovanie, developeri nič z toho nespravia.“ • Design team relies on its own intuition. • Works well for one class of design problem: developing tools, such as Web servers, for developers or other geeks (Perl, Linux, Apache, ...) • For non-geek audiences, its disastrous to rely on the design teams understanding of whats easy: Anyone working on a project knows much too much about it to represent outside users. • People care about usability! <+1>
  5. 5. Stage 3: Skunkworks Usability • “Som stratil všetky ilúzie o používateľoch.“ • „We shouldnt rely on the design teams personal judgment.“ • No budget allocated • Ad hoc usability activities driven by user advocates who want a bit more data to improve the quality of the one thing theyre working on at the moment. • Manager hires an external usability expert for the companys first- ever independent assessment of user-experience quality. • When designs get a small usability injection, they get better • Downside: great usability seems so obvious that management might not recognize how much work was required to simplify the design. • Save the initial design ideas, make case studies <+1>
  6. 6. Stage 4: Dedicated Usability Budget • Nemáme žiadne citáty  • Budget allocated (10%) - usability is planned & a few people have usability in job description • Usability as a magic potion thats sprinkled sparsely over a user interface to shine it up. • Main usability method is user testing, which is invariably conducted late in the development process after the user interface has been at least partially implemented. • You need more than a couple of success stories. • ROI is needed (higher conversion rates, fewer calls to the helpdesk, better intranet productivity, …) • Collect results across your usability projects <+1>
  7. 7. Stage 5: Managed Usability • Official usability group, led by usability managerStage 6: Systematic Usability Process • Process for tracking user experience quality • Usability is part of job of all managers and team membersStage 7: Integrated User-Centered Design • Each project has defined usability goalsStage 8: User-Driven Corporation • Usability determines what types of projects the company should fund <+1>
  8. 8. Stage 1: decadesStage 2-4: 2-3 years each stageStage 5-7: 6-7 years each stageStage 8: 20 years Start-ups are lucky and can begin the maturity process at stage 3 or stage 4, depending on the founders previous usability experience. <+1>
  9. 9. How to• Fast Track methodology (design & prototyping)• “Agile Usability Engineering”• “Extreme Design”• “Intensive Usability” <+1>
  10. 10. Contact Martin Krupa krupa@ui42.sk www.ui42.sk/usability www.ui42.sk/blog Twitter: @martinkrupa +421 905 403 728ui42 spol. s r.o.Haydnova 20/B811 02 Bratislava