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Prezentaion for DOIT2014

  1. Micro-manufacturing Kouji Miki
  2. Kouji Miki CEO of enmono co.,Ltd. Worked for Fujitsu. 14 years experience for consulting small manufacturing companies
  3. 99.7 workers are belonging % to small & medium size companies in Japan. ※source: The statistics of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
  4. Micro-manufacturing To become a small maker which produces final consumer products without make new investment!
  5. Supporting small manufactures in Japan.
  6. Machine pressing
  7. Metal cutting
  8. Spring manufacturing
  9. Welding
  10. They are subcontract factories and not producing final products.
  11. Japanese major manufactures relocate to overseas.
  12. Japanese small manufactures sales decline so rapidly!
  13. They need original final products! But… How?
  14. zenschool Concept planning of products Basics of design How to use crowdfunding Coaching CEO want to do
  15. 2nd & 3rd generation CEOs
  16. Spring Manufacture CEO Mr. Murai Over 40 years company
  17. Waku Waku Treasure Hunting Chart Treasure=Passion
  18. Smile Toy blocks Magic Waku Waku Treasure Hunting Chart A communication tool for smiling Spring Manufacturing Passion Skill
  19. Zen meditation on the chair
  20. What is it? I finally found my treasure!
  21. Toy blocks X Spring Spring block ”SpLink”
  22. Metal touch Flexibility Scalability
  23. Elephant
  24. Frog
  25. Hat
  26. T-Lex
  27. Dragon
  28. Dragon
  29. Succeeded in funding
  30. HANDS &LOFT started to sell ”SpLink”!
  31. So Happy!!
  32. We learned from him: 1. Don’t think about market! 2. Follow your heart and just make it! 3. Test on crowdfunding if OK, Go!
  33. Crowdfunding site for Small manufactures & Makers
  34. Prototyping Funding! Original products
  35. 13 projects Succeeding in funding 100%
  36. BtoCtoB ●B2B marketing is difficult. ●Consumer product & crowdfunding. ●BtoB contact from other industries.
  37. Sales after the Micro-Manufacturing 100 Before BtoB sales push up! 150 250 1st year 2nd year Crowdfunding!
  38. Where can you meet most innovative person on the earth?
  39. Where is Genius inventor? Super engineer? Fine product designer?
  40. You are the one!
  41. Find your treasure inside of yourself! Thank you !