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How to choose your next product development job

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Perhaps the best way to pursue and development your product management skills in media and technology.

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How to choose your next product development job

  1. 1. How to choose your nextproduct development job. Are we very brave? 28 Sept 12
  2. 2. The job risk scaleObligations RiskMarriage and children are valuable. They bothrequire a different approach than if you don’thave them. What is your appetite for risk?
  3. 3. risk Jobby-jobs. compA regular job with a company. You work herefor a salary and potentially a bonus. Equity isa small consideration. This is usually safe.
  4. 4. risk Public and growing Salary, bonus and stock should comp be weighted equally. The company is still growing, but it is large. The equity has unrealized upside.examples
  5. 5. Outcomes for non-jobby jobs Go public Get acquired FailMost 1% 8%startupsfail.Unhappyface. 91% Source: “How Exits Have Changed in 2012” by Basil Peters
  6. 6. risk Not public and growing You work here for equity first, comp and trade salary for equity if you can. The equity has much greater upside than a public company.examples
  7. 7. risk Startup with funding Higher risk, but comp greater upside. Fewer exits, to be clear. Compensation is salary and equity, don’t expect a bonus.examples
  8. 8. risk Starting your own company compDanger, man.The highest risk,and we don’tmeanunderwear. Veryfew exits. Dreambig.
  9. 9. Align yourself with current growth sectors Don’t be this dude/woman . .. w as n ed p pe d ha t ha Wha
  10. 10. Web 1.0 | The Link EconomyWebsites linking to other websites, andsearch of these relationships.winners
  11. 11. Web 2.0 | Social webYou and your relationships. One to many. Ibore myself with this slide. (Look closely, tho’.)winners
  12. 12. Web 2.5 | The Interest WebYou and your interests. This is fertile and fairlyunexplored, as Pinterest is the furthest out.winners
  13. 13. Web 3.0 | The Semantic WebNot Skynet, but it is machines talking tomachines. Specifically, APIs talking to APIs.winners
  14. 14. Orthogonal vectors to consider Mobile Commerce Gaming Real-world Local AdvertisingAuthor’s lack of experience with B2B and enterprise means that they aren’t included.
  15. 15. How to land the jobDo your research 1. What does the company do? Pick a sector 2. Who uses the product? Pick a vector 3. Who backs the company?Find connections 4. Founder trackPursue relentlessly record?
  16. 16. Align with current trends { 1. SocialDo your research web 2. Interest Pick a sector web 3. Semantic Pick a vector web 4. OthersFind connections that I left outPursue relentlessly
  17. 17. What type of company {Do your research 1. Public and growing Pick a sector 2. Private Pick a vector and growingFind connections 3. Startup 4. Start yourPursue relentlessly own thing
  18. 18. Leverage your networkDo your research 1. Use your network* Pick a sector 2. 3d tier connections don’t Pick a vector work 3. Don’t useFind connections LinkedIn intros, use this instead.Pursue relentlessly *If you don’t have one, build one
  19. 19. Don’t let ‘no’ stop you.Do your research You Pick a sector Pick a vectorFind connections InterviewPursue relentlessly
  20. 20. The moral of the story1. All of this presumes that you are good at what you do (use GitHub.)2. If you aren’t, get a mentor, or a career.3. Leverage in all things is important, except with friends and family.4. Leverage your future. 20
  21. 21. Taking on a jobwith greater riskbut higher upsideis the best way to bet on yourself.Thank you. I am here all week. Tell your friends. @tyahma