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Top atlanta child actor Aja Wooldridge booked new role starring rhoa own Claudia Jordan and Jasmine Guy

Child Actor from Atlanta Aja Wooldridge has booked a new role for the feature film, Timber Rock Kids The Substitute Spy. The movie is starring Claudia Jordan and Jasmine Guy

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Top atlanta child actor Aja Wooldridge booked new role starring rhoa own Claudia Jordan and Jasmine Guy

  1. 1. Top Atlanta Child Actor Aja Wooldridge booked new role starring RHOA own Claudia Jordan Rising child actor Aja Wooldridge booked a role in the feature Film "The Substitute Spy" which stars Real Atlanta Housewives' Claudia Jordan and popular actress Jasmine Guy aja wooldridge and claudia jordan at the Reco Chappelle Fashion Show June 26, 2015 - ATLANTA -- Pleased to announce that child actor Aja Wooldridge has booked a new feature film movie called The Substitute Spy. It will be starring Real Housewives of Atlanta’s own Claudia Jordan and popular TV Actress Jasmine Guy. Aja will be playing the role of Vanessa. You can find out more by visiting http://ajawooldridge.com/new-movie-role-the-substitute-spy-with-claudia-jordan-and- jasmine-guy/ About Substitute Spy Movie Direct Greg Galloway recalls wanting to do a project that reminded him of the late eighties film, “The Goonies.” This kid adventure film will have you on your toes as clues are slowly revealed to keep the whole family excited. About Aja Wooldridge Aja Wooldridge a.k.a. AjaModel, is a highly sought after model and actress in the Atlanta area. Aja was a little 3 pound preemie born 2 months too early in 2006 to a Korean Father and a Black Mother. Currently she is healthy, very active, and a straight A student in school.. Few years ago she found her talents on the runway and has completed over 50 fashion shows. On top of that, she taken her modeling career to the next level by participating in several TV and Film projects. She has recently completed 25 movies, and is working on 3 TV shows and 1 upcoming feature film projects. Her latest modeling show was performing for JWJ and Dopenerds sporty vs nerdy Fashion Show. Her latest film project that aired was TVone's Fatal Attraction Aja is a girl with many talents and hobbies. She is also a Gymnast, Dancer, Girl Scout, and brand ambassador to many companies. She also enjoys spending time with family and Friends, singing,
  2. 2. swimming,arts and crafts, shopping, and reading Follow Aja's journey and watch her grow @AJAModel About Claudia Jordan Claudia Jordan, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, graces us with her first major role in this fun and imaginative story. Claudia, who adult audiences recognize as a television reality star, captures an entirely new fan base with her role as Liz Strickland, a teacher, on “The Substitute Spy.” “Blessed” and “booked” are the words that Ms. Jordan used to describe her involvement with the production. Bravo TV has already acknowledged her role in the film, by announcing it in an article written specifically about the movie. Media Contact Thomas Wooldridge 6786369767 Thomas@relamark.com