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Business Marketing Online Web Sites

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http://www.businessonlinecoach.com two web 2.0 social media sites that can help your business marketing online web site

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Business Marketing Online Web Sites

  1. 1. Business Marketing Online Web Sites: How to take Your Business Marketing to the Next Level with Social Media By Thomas Woolridge http://www.businessonlinecoach.com & http://www.tswmedia.com 9 Sep 2009 Today many business marketing online web sites are taking full advantage of the new social media networking web sites. This is also known as WEB 2.0. In order for you to understand what WEB 2.0 is, you have to understand the evolution of the Internet. When the internet first took off in the late 1990’s information was given to the users. What I mean is that basically it was a one way conversation. You search for something in particular and hopefully or eventually you can get the answer to the question you was seeking. So now we have a Web 2.0 is where you are more interactive and can share information. Users are now blogging and news is updated almost instantaneously. What I will be discussing a couple of Web 2.0 properties that a business marketing online should take advantage off. Business marketing online web site number one is probably the most important because it is one of the largest Web2.0 properties to date. The web site is known as FACEBOOK. Facebook is a site where users can create their own web page. Users will post photographs, blog, comments, and can share this information with their friends. The way a business can take part is having their customers add their Facebook page as a friend. Consider this approach in marketing online through this site, have your customers add you as a friend and you add them as a friend. Maybe offer a discount to your customer in exchange for this. In turn your customers existing or new friends will see that they have a friends link your to your business. This model can be replicated many times and can greatly increase your web presence. Business marketing online web site number two is the second most popular Web2.0 property and that is Twitter.com. Twitter has introduced what is known as micro- blogging. Rather than posting long meaning full posts on your blog, people Twitter short one or two sentence postings. What is great is that you can create “followers” rather quickly. Each person that follows you can receive the Tweets you posted. Most of the users that use Twitter has there tweets sent via text messages on their cell phones. Get your message out to your customers really fast by using twitter. These are just few Web 2.0 social media properties that I discussed for your business marketing online web site venture. Business marketing is really not difficult but can be
  2. 2. overwhelming. That is why I suggest you get a good <a href=”http://businessonlinecoach.com”>Business Online Coach</a> (http://businessonlinecoach.com)