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Democratize Learning

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Can technology actually democratize learning & help hundreds of thousands of SMEs around the Globe to actually take advantage of the information revolution via efficiently turning information to knowledge? Absolutely!

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Democratize Learning

  1. 1. From Information to Knowledge and the democratization of learning By Dimitris G.E.Tsigos http://www.linkedin.com/in/tsigos Athens, Greece – April 29th 2012A changing world!We live in a changing world. We live in the era of the ‘InformationRevolution’. For the first time in history billions of people around the globehave access to tons of information digitally stored in what we already call “thecloud”. One could reasonably expect unprecedented growth and prosperity forthe global economy!So, what about the global financial crisis? What about recession and povertyin the most developed economies of the planet, the US and the EU? Whatwent wrong?Metanoia: The Fifth DisciplineA good explanation can be found at the amazing book “The Fifth Discipline:The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization” by MIT’s Peter M. Sengewhere the Greek word “Metanoia” is introduced to describe the “shift of mind”happening when a piece of information becomes to knowledge. What Sengedescribes is something that most of us have actually experienced – we knowthat a ‘bad habit’ may harm us; however having this information does notstop us from doing it. The “shift of mind” has not yet happened – theinformation has not yet become “knowledge” – and often we don’t quit thebad habit before it has harmed us. Over-borrowing in the developed nationsin the first decade of the 21st Century represents an amazing example of howbad it can get when you have the information but you don’t have theknowledge. eFront e-Learning http://www.efrontlearning.net http://twitter.com/efrontlearning | http://www.facebook.com/efront http://www.slideshare.net/efrontlearning
  2. 2. What about businesses and learning technology?We at eFrontLearning aim to provide solutions that help turn information toknowledge – not only at the individual level but also at the workgroup level,which is even more ambitious. Since the very beginning (2003) we have beenpursuing Tacit Knowledge in small- and medium-sized organizations. We tryto make this informal knowledge searchable and transferable. We try toactually turn meta-information (that it “John is the person who knows how todeal with this situation“) to really useful information (that is “when this eventhappened in the past, John successfully faced it in that specific way“). It maysound simple, however it actually is a revolution in terms of organizationalmanagement and efficiency!Why a “Revolution”?For a very simple reason – small- and medium-sized organizations do nothave the resources necessary to turn this tacit knowledge to ExplicitKnowledge. They simply do not have the time and budget to do so. Theyneed a lean, real-time approach to grab tacit knowledge and make itaccessible to the team. This way organizations are able avoid having thesame mistakes repeated over and over again. Why does this happen?Because the information was there but it was never transferred into“knowledge”, it never changed the team’s behavior. With modern,personalized, lean learning technologies for workgroups this can be achieved!But what does this have to do with the democratization of learning?The answer is very simple and obvious – learning technologies have beenaround for almost two decades, however it has been a luxury product, both interms of capital expenditure and in terms of operational expenses. The totalcost of ownership for a complete, state-of-the-art eLearning solution has beenso high that only large corporations could afford it. Because of this situation,hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe have been excludedfrom the ability to turn information readily available on the Web into reallyuseful knowledge. Because of this situation, the vast majority of businessescannot really take advantage of the ‘Information Revolution’. This is whereeFront comes in and disrupts the market – making a huge step towards thedemocratization of learning technologies, and so the actual democratization oflearning.The need for efficient, lean, accessible and easy-to-use learning technologieshas never been higher. We at the eFront team bet that this need will growover the next year at a fast pace. There is a plethora of arguments to supportthis: eFront e-Learning http://www.efrontlearning.net http://twitter.com/efrontlearning | http://www.facebook.com/efront http://www.slideshare.net/efrontlearning
  3. 3. The economy is changing, getting more and more knowledge intensiveEmployee turn-over, meaning the frequency that employees change jobs,increases at a high paceBecause of the economic crisis resources are lackingBecause of globalization, competition gets more intensiveMultimedia content, which used to represent a significant part of an eLearningproject TCO, now is gradually turning to a commoditySo, what is the eFront vision for democratizing learning?The eFront team envisions every single business having the right to accessquality, affordable, easy-to-use, lean learning technology tools that offersupport in taking advantage of the information revolution and actuallyincreasing its organizational knowledge both from a qualitative andquantitative perspective.We aim to materialize all of this in developing value-for-money, cloud-based,mobile-enabled technology solutions targeting the huge market of small- andmedium-sized organizations around the globe. No matter if your business isbased in a global metropolis like NYC, London, Sydney, Ontario, or Moscow,or a rural village in Montana, Andalusia or Toscana, you can very simplyaccess a technology platform from your browser, tablet or smartphone andexperience “metanoia”, shift of mind for you and your team while takingadvantage of the tons of information out there, turning that information intouseful knowledge for sustaining and developing your business!About the Author: Dimitris G.E. Tsigos is the President of YES - European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, the Founder of the Hellenic Start-up Association and the Founder & CEO of Virtual Trip, a Start-up Accelerator & Seed Fund in the ICT sector. Dimitris established the first successful IT start-up in Greece, Virtual Trip Ltd [www.vtrip.net] at the Science & Technology Park of Crete in September 2000 and later spawn-out more than 10 IT start-ups including amazing success stories like eFront e-Learning [www.efrontlearning.net], SOLO Gateway[www.sologateway.com] and AbZorba Games [www.abzorbagames.com]. In November 2009Dimitris globally first introduction of the ‘Entrepreneurial Ecosystem’ concept[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrepreneurial_ecosystem]as group of non-competing start-upsachieving economies of scales without losing flexibility and strong entrepreneurial drive. He isan active citizen, a passionate serial entrepreneur and always struggling to create must-have,really useful technology solutions for the economy and the society.About the Company:The idea for eFront was first grabbed in 2001 by its co-founders, Dimitris Tsigos andAthanasios Papagelis, two technology entrepreneurs in Greece, in an effort to exploit the fast eFront e-Learning http://www.efrontlearning.net http://twitter.com/efrontlearning | http://www.facebook.com/efront http://www.slideshare.net/efrontlearning
  4. 4. growing on-line learning market. After a 20K pre-seed financing raised by an EU program, theeFront prototype was developed in 2002 and Epignosis Ltd was incorporated in 2003. Theteam successfully completed a handful of demanding e-Learning projects from 2004 and in2006 while closing a first investment round and becoming member of the Virtual TripEntrepreneurial Ecosystem. Also in 2006 eFront was certified by ADL as SCORM compliantand in 2007 the open-source edition was published. This development, together with thelaunch of eFront V3, a completely new platform in terms of technology enhanced with amultitude of enterprise tools and functionality, boosted eFront to raising internationalvisibility. An international VAR Partner Network was first created in 2008 which dynamicallyexpanded in 2009 and 2010. Epignosis, aiming to disrupt the learning technology market islaunching TalentLMS in 2012, a revolutionary, cloud-based, mobile-enabled solutiontargeted to small- and medium-sized organizations, responding to the need for learningefficiency and effective knowledge sharing of our era. eFront e-Learning http://www.efrontlearning.net http://twitter.com/efrontlearning | http://www.facebook.com/efront http://www.slideshare.net/efrontlearning