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Growth Hacking in 2016

  1. By Ravi Trivedi | @trivediravi |
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  3. Grow Rapidly with Limited Marketing Spend $$  It is a process and mind-set.  It is a series of one time hacks along with long lasting hacks  True Growth Hacks are short-lived.  You need to keep finding new ideas.  Try ContrarianThinking  E.g. Facebook Like Campaign MarketingTactics that have Elements of Growth Hacking  Inbound Marketing  Conversation Marketing
  4. If you can predict what people will search today - you can find several hacks 1) You can create content ahead of time, so that you are found in SEO results 2) You can run advertisements on that search in Google and Facebook How to Predict?
  5. Source: Aggregate Data, MailChimp * Offering Extended FreeTrial for attendees today . Signup at
  6. 1. Post on Slideshare,,YouTube 2. Write Guest Blog Posts on Relevant HighTraffic Authority Sites 3. Answer Questions on Quora/Forums 4. Comment marketing 5. Trend on Hacker News or Reddit 6. Press Coverage RememberYMMV, so test out each of these How to Create Original & Unique Content - Survey, Infographic
  7. 7. Start a Meetup/Facebook Group & Post there 8. Post on Craigslist, OLX, Quikr 9. Conduct Webinars 10. Create whitepapers for download 11. Twitter – Piggyback on a relevant trending #, or events 12. Piggyback on large events in your space – PPC ads 13. Powered by “…” in SAAS companies
  8. • Retargeting (Display) + Search a recommended combination
  9.  Speed of Page Load Impacts SEO  Check your page loading atYSlow or Pingdom  Google PageSpeed Service.  AvoidTechnical Errors [ Check GWT]  Internal Linking  Link key pages internally  Link Building  Don’t link to root domain only. Link to deeper pages  Don’t do Anchor text stuffing  Domain Diversity - Unique C Block Domains  High PR Domains  FollowVs. No Follow Links  Speed of Link Building
  10.  What BusinessYou Are In ? [Twitter 140 char]  Who are you Marketing to?  Is ItTargeted Enough?  Where can you find yourTarget Audience?  Is your market large, but still targeted?
  11.  Why is Messaging Important ? ▪ Bounce Rate. Good benchmark  Create Messaging ForTarget Audience  Broad messaging has poor conversion  OK to ignore a set of audience, as long as you reach target audience.  Don’t create messagingYOU want, create messaging for what the customers CARE about.
  12.  List all the places where your target customers are  UseTools to analyze competitors dominant acquisition strategy  Analyze the 3Tactics/Channel With Highest Expected ROI &Volume  Use keyword and other research to get to expectedVolume/ROI.  Measure ROI of channels. Remove Channels that don’t perform  Next – some tools to help you with this analysis Channel Volume [Clicks] ROI Adwords 10,000 15% Email 5,000 25%
  13.  Add Channels that perform  Always BeTesting  Don’t trackVanity Metrics. [90% GA Metrics]  Track Actionable Metrics– Conversion, Churn.  If you want Big Improvement in Results, be ready to make Drastic Changes
  14.  Funnel Analysis  What is the Funnel for your Business?  What are the benchmarks for your industry conversion ▪ Lead Gen – Benchmark ▪ Registration Rate ▪ Conversion on Ecommerce ▪ SAAS : Free to Paid Conversion Rate  Have you Set Up Enable Event/GoalTracking in GA  Micro-conversions AreValuable too ▪ Whitepaper download, Video watch, Newsletter Subscriber ▪ How much value should I assign to each conversion Visitors Add to Cart Checkout
  15. • Tell me the Startup/Company/Website you run/manage • Let us make a Quick Online Marketing Plan for your online business

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  1. Summary – How to Drive Traffic with Search Rank High in SEO With Great Content on Your Site Get Higher CTR in Search Results Get Cheap PPC Traffic
  2. Summary – How to Drive Traffic with Search Rank High in SEO With Great Content on Your Site Get Higher CTR in Search Results Get Cheap PPC Traffic