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33 picasso’s sketchbooks sm_sm

How Picasso plann

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33 picasso’s sketchbooks sm_sm

  1. 1. Picasso’s Sketchbooks:Les SaltimbanquesSketchbook ClassMr. AllenSecond semester:How to use a sketchbookto create well-consideredworks of art in the mannerPicasso used his sketchbook
  2. 2. This painting was painted quite large and at great expense to Picasso. The very large canvas was repainted three times as he could only afford to buy one canvas of that size. This is considered his first major work.The original canvas was 2.12 x 2.3 meters and the painting was not commissionedToday it is in the collection of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
  3. 3. Provenance From the French word provenir meaning “to come from”Provenance is the history of a painting or object and in art particularly focused on the history of origin and ownership of a work of art.This is considered by some to be Picassos first great masterpiece. The painting has at least two other complete or mostly complete paintings beneath the top coat of the painting that now hangs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
  4. 4. Sketches and drafts
  5. 5. This is the xray image of the paint below theFinal painting, notice the similarities
  6. 6. First the sketch is reversed, then the boy is compared toThe image from the xray. This is believed to be the originalStudy for one of the previous versions of the final painting
  7. 7. Others have copiedPicasso’s paintingsIn spirit rather thanIn detail. The circusPeople are fascinatingAnd “other” to mostPeople’s experience.Perhaps this is whyPicasso was so takenWith them that he wouldTake such a risk to spendSo much on this painting.
  8. 8. Picasso and Cubism• Picasso is most famous for his cubism• Shows multiple views at once• Vollard was his Post- Impressionsists and even Cezannes art