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Bloomin is a platform which allows managers to measure the employee experience and turn data into engagement and performance.

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  1. 1. Confidential - september 16 EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE For leaders who know that high-performing and motivated employees matter www.bloomin.digital
  2. 2. Confidential - september 16 Resignation rate decreased by 75% Laurence Vanhée, Former Chief Happiness Officer at the Belgian Ministry of Social Security Absenteeism decreased by 26% Productivity increased by 20% Unsolicited applications increased +500% each year 0 strike day MOTIVATION... A STRONG IMPACT ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE
  3. 3. Confidential - september 16 DATA DRIVEN, BLOOMIN INCREASES PERFORMANCE ENHANCE YOUR EMPLOYER ATTRACTIVENESS BOOST PRODUCTIVITY Happiness makes people more productive at work, according to the latest research from the University of Warwick. Happy employees work harder and are around 12% more productive, while unhappy workers are 10% less productive. According to Forbes, the cost (including interviewing, hiring, training, reduced productivity, lost opportunity costs…) to replace an employee is $16k for entry level employees, $120k for mid-level employees, $960k for hight-level or highly specialized employees. According to the CNAM, the total cost for sick leave in France was 60 billions of euros in 2014 Your candidates are probably your next customers, it is crucial to treat them as well as your current customers. Make sure your hiring process fits in with applicants. It’s the best way to attract the best talents.
  4. 4. Confidential - september 16 CORE ISSUES TO BE SOLVED Instant, regular and frequent KPIs A simple tool used by everyone with an excellent response rate A win-win model based on transparency A continuous improvement approach: enployee measurement approach Make smarter decisions with right indicators
  5. 5. Confidential - september 16 TO TRULY UNDERSTAND WHAT DRIVES EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION YOU NEED TO MEASURE THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE Working conditions My activity Corporate (éthic, values, vision, governance, strategy) Management The working atmosphere My prospects Pay and benefits Meetings Support of my colleagues My ressources Recruitement My desk Security situation Expense report Company restaurant IT system Procèsses My missions The organisation of the company Communication Corporate social responsibility Workforce diversity Reputation of my company Gender equity Corporate Strategy Understanding of the mission annual review assessment My targets Opportunity to express its opinion Support of my management eadership of my manager Created by Thibault Geffroy from the Noun Project Created by Michael Finney from the Noun Project Working environment Business evening Team breakfast Annual party Confidence among colleagues Solidarity among colleagues Created by Tomas Knopp from the Noun Project Training Lsystem of promotion The future of their trade Change of profession My employability My salary Various advantages Food Stamps Pay rise Vacation days Stocks options Employee journey cartography: 250+ items
  6. 6. Confidential - september 16 Diag Mood Target : all employees and/or according to the life cycle of the employees Frequency : regular (several times per year) Immediate (according to an event: product launch, annual results, the annual party …) Time : Less than 10 minutes Target : according to the life cycle of the employees Frequency: frequent and according to the event (after a meeting, for weekly reporting, when getting to the office…) Time: less than 1 minute 2 MODULES TO MEASURE THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE
  7. 7. Confidential - september 16 SIMPLE TOOLS USED BY EVERYONE SIMPLE Start instantly and quickly your study by creating your own questions or by using our library of questions tailored to each situation. The simple and intuitive design allows to instantly manage the tool. Connected to the ecosystem, Bloomin can be used directly from your everyday tools (email, Slack, Hipchat, Salesforce…). Gifs, emoticons, pictograms allows collaborators to share their feelings more easily and are in line with Generation Y way of communicating.
  8. 8. Confidential - september 16 A TRANSPARENT WIN-WIN APPROACH By allowing greater flexibility in responses, feedback is more accurate and fair. Really discover what engages your employees. Bloomin is responsive to all devices (Computers, tablets and mobile). Results are visible immediately for employees and managers. This transparency strengthens the sense of confidence and forsters participation rate that is 80% on average. TRANSPARENT 8
  9. 9. Confidential - september 16 Internal Data Internal Social Network … API MAKE SMARTER DECISIONS WITH RIGHT INDICATORS
  10. 10. Confidentiel - septembre 16 BACK OFFICE DASHBOARD WITH ACTIONABLE INDICATORS Data visualization : ü Exploitable results from the Bloomin interface ü Format selection (pie chart, bars, lines…) ü Drill down ü Ability to export data in CSV, via our API Benchmark : ü Sort by profile ü Ability to compare with other « anonymized » companies in your industry.
  11. 11. Confidentiel - septembre 16 BACK OFFICE DASHBOARD WITH ACTIONABLE INDICATORS Insights : ü Report of weak signals ü Tags cloud ü Sentiment analysis of gifs, emoticons, texts ü Top 10 gifs, emoticons… Indicators : ü Survey completion (completion rate, click to rate, response rate…) ü Score by themes, items (average and standard deviation) ü Alert system
  12. 12. Confidentiel - septembre 16 CONTEXT 80+% survey completion in less than 2 weeks Launch of a global program to improve employee engagement. More than half of consultants applied to workshops to enhance motivation. Instant launch of quick win actions. After a year, engagement improvement (+5) Randstad is a Dutch multinational HR consulting firm. The group is the world’s second-largest provider after Adecco. Due to the need to motivate their consultants and a lack of internal precise feedback, the Human Resource Department wanted to understand precisely what motivates and engages their 1300 consultants day to day. Initiating an « enchanting » approach based on results from a survey that will: ✓Provide an « enchanting » user experience, via a dedicated app ✓Be transparent and provide response flexibility ✓Guarantee transparency and anonymity ✓Adapted to consultants who are on the go ✓Be managed daily by managers THE NEED USE CASE
  13. 13. Confidentiel- septembre 16 THEY TRUST US
  14. 14. Confidential - september 16 THANK YOU