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(Total Youth Research) The Latest Data on Gen Y and Privacy

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(Total Youth Research) The Latest Data on Gen Y and Privacy

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(Total Youth Research) The Latest Data on Gen Y and Privacy

  1. 1. THE LATEST DATA ON GEN Y & SOCIAL MEDIA PRIVACY flickr © jintaeandpictures
  2. 2. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  3. 3. 43 % of managers said “youth don’t care about social media privacy” flickr © danielavladimirova
  4. 4. But...
  5. 5. 82 % of Gen Y said social media privacy was important to them flickr © kk
  6. 6. More than you think...
  7. 7. 52% of teens check their social media privacy settings once a week flickr © francisco_osorio
  8. 8. And you might not know about it...
  9. 9. 64% of teens admitted blocking parents or family from a post or a friend request flickr © hervoices
  10. 10. 61% of teens set their social media account privacy settings to share only with friends flickr © ripton
  11. 11. With Gen Y on social media, what you see isn’t what you get
  12. 12. Only 5% of teens share their real relationship status on Facebook flickr © buenosaurus
  13. 13. 59% of teens fake their age on social media to create an account flickr © stolensnapshot
  14. 14. Gen Y prefer social media with more robust control of privacy
  15. 15. 93% of teens use Snapchat to share candid pictures of themselves flickr © Fouquier
  16. 16. 72% of teens said privacy had a major impact on their use of social media apps flickr © pabak
  17. 17. But if we gave them more control Gen Y would use social media more
  18. 18. 72% of teens want an option to use nicknames instead of real ones on Facebook flickr © astro-dudes
  19. 19. 87% of 18-24 year olds want an option to post content on Facebook anonymously flickr © kaizat
  20. 20. www.TotalYouthResearch.com