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7 Millennial Insights from the Total Youth Mobile Report

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With smartphone ownership nearing 100% in the Millennial market, what happens next? 97% of Millennials confessed to using a smartphone in the bathroom. It's a revealing statistic. Less so about their bathroom habits and more about their emotional relationship with the device. In this presentation I share 7 insights from the new Total Youth Mobile Report. Download now deactivated on this presentation.

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7 Millennial Insights from the Total Youth Mobile Report

  1. Millennial insights from the Total Youth Mobile Report 7 www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  2. What’s that really about?
  3. insights to understand this…7 www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  4. So, before we look at the emotional relationship… a few numbers ->
  5. #1 Millennials are now the BIGGEST group of smartphone owners in the world www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  6. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  7. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  8. By the way… I’m giving away this trends presentation Just click the link in the next slide
  9. Click here to get this PDF
  10. …back to the Millennial 
 Mobile Market
  11. It’s BIG yes, but more important is the quality not quantity of that relationship…
  12. #2 Millennials and Mobile: It’s EMOTIONAL www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  13. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  14. Understand the why and the how will work itself out… www.TotalYouthResearch.com
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  17. Thanks… now back to those Millennial insights…
  18. …and because it’s emotional, it’s difficult to be apart
  19. #3 This is the ALWAYS ON Generation www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  20. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  21. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  22. but, we need to go further and understand why they can’t be apart…
  23. #4 Mobile turns everything into a SHARED EXPERIENCE www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  24. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  25. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  26. Easy access and sharing of content changes Millennial relationship with information…
  27. #5 Millennials are the LOOKUP Generation www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  28. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  29. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  30. which creates potential disruption in multiple industries and sectors…
  31. #6 Millennials are changing sectors like banking & health through the BACKDOOR www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  32. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  33. but let’s not lose of the sight what it’s really about…
  34. #7 Even in this Digital Age, Millennials still prefer the HUMAN TOUCH www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  35. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  36. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  37. IF  YOU  WANT  TO  GET   THE  COMPLETE  REPORT… www.TotalYouthResearch.com All 400 slides Super high definition visuals 32 statistical charts