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15 Millennial Mobile Statistics

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There are 2.5 billion Millennials globally, today in 2015.

Millennials are the biggest consumer group of all. They are also driving change in every industry, especially mobile. From Twitter usage data to smartphone ownership, use these 15 statistics about the Millennial mobile owner in your next presentation.

All these statistics come from my new Total Youth Mobile Report 2015. Get a sneak peak here...

15 Millennial Mobile Statistics

  1. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Millennial  Mobile   Statistics15
  2. www.TotalYouthResearch.com A deeper look into the 
 Millennial-Mobile relationship
  3. First, a definiton…
  4. Who… .…are these Millennials? www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  5. www.TotalYouthResearch.com …because there are  2.5  billion  
 Millennials globally in 2015* *source  Viacom
  6. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Millennials  are  young  people  aged  12-­‐32   today*  (also  know  Generation  Y) *  (definitions  vary)
  7. Okay, so let’s look at the top 15 statistics…
  8. I’ll be sharing… 15 statistics from the latest Total  Youth   Mobile  Report   link  coming  up… www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  9. IF  YOU  WANT  TO  GET   THE  COMPLETE  REPORT… www.TotalYouthResearch.com All 400 slides Super high definition visuals 32 statistical charts
  10. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Part  1:  Millennial     Smartphone  Ownership
  11. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 82% 84% 91% 97% Youth Smartphone Ownership 
 in 2015 China UK USA Germany SOURCE: NIELSEN, MOBILEYOUTH, TELEFONICA 2014, 2015 14-29 years (Millennials) MARKET  SATURATION   We’ll reach 100+% smartphone penetration in the Millennial market in the next 2-3 years #1
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  14. Thanks… now back to those top 15 statistics…
  15. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 55%of students reported strong negative feelings when separated from their mobile for 24 hours source: The World Unplugged 2013 #2
  16. www.TotalYouthResearch.com What impact does privacy have on the appeal of mobile for Millennials? Find out next slide…
  17. said the #1 reason they used Snapchat was because it didn’t store messages 77% source: Mobile Squared 2014 www.TotalYouthResearch.com #3
  18. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 4% 4% 4% 8% 8% 9% 10% 25% 32% 35% Top Mobile Messenger Apps for Millennials Facebook  Messenger SOURCE: GLOBAL WEB INDEX Q3-Q4 2014 % used in last month 17-31 years (exc China) FACEBOOK  DOMINATES  BUT  GROWTH  SLOWS   Facebook dominates the mobile messenger market by default but new entrants continue to eat up market share Whatsapp Skype Viber WeChat Line Snapchat Kakao Kik Tango #4
  19. www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  20. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 47% 65% 80% 91% 97% Have you used your smartphone in the bathroom? Under 20 yrs 20-29 yrs 29-45 yrs 66+ SOURCE: 11MARK 2013 46-66 yrs % said “Yes” SOCIAL  GROOMING   Millennials need to connect anytime anywhere because they need to constantly maintain social networks #5
  21. www.TotalYouthResearch.comflickr © Alant Part  2  Social  
 Media  Sharing
  22. www.TotalYouthResearch.com What type of content are Millennials sharing and why? Find out next slide…
  23. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 47% of all teen content on Instagram is #selfies #5
  24. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Which type of friend do you share this type of content with? SOURCE: HARRIS INTERACTIVE 2014 Real Friends Facebook Only Friends Share a secret Share personal problems Ask for help Chat when alone REAL  FRIENDS  RULE   Millennials share the bulk of their content with real offline friends#6
  25. www.TotalYouthResearch.com is much less important than the nature of the content the act of sharing itself
  26. www.TotalYouthResearch.com What about Twitter? Are Millennials tweeting like older generations? Continue reading…
  27. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 15% 60% 71% 80% Millennial’s and Their Twitter Habits Check Twitter at least once a day Say tweeting an event makes it more fun Tweet at least once a day >10x / day SOURCE: TWITTER 2014 Survey of Millennial Twitter Users CONTEXT  DRIVES  TWITTER     Millennials  love  Twitter.  Most   users  check  at  least  once  a   day.  Key  to  appeal  is  the  social   context  in  which  they  use  it. #7
  28. flickr © brlnpics123 56% of Millennials said they use Twitter to document their lives in real time source: Twitter 2014 (Twitter Users) #8
  29. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 67% of Millennials said they shared “random thoughts” on Twitter source: Twitter 2014 (Twitter Users) #9
  30. 68%chat with friends on their phone while watching TVsource: Microsoft 2014 www.TotalYouthResearch.com #10
  31. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Part  3  Influence  and   Relationships
  32. www.TotalYouthResearch.comflickr © Alant How is mobile redefining influence in the modern media landscape? 
 Click to find out…
  33. the Average American sees 170,000 marketing messages by her 17th birthday flickr © jonathan-grado www.TotalYouthResearch.com #11
  34. ATTENTION is your biggest COST flickr © hervoices www.TotalYouthResearch.com
  35. www.TotalYouthResearch.com What impact does trust have on the share ability of content? Find out next slide…
  36. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Millennials more likely to share with their “strong ties” SOURCE: MOBILEYOUTH VIA FACEBOOK 2013 Strength of tie measured as a factor of likes, messages and comments exchanged %ofpostssharedonFacebook 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Strong TiesWeak Ties STRONG  TIES   The stronger the connection, the more likely Millennials are to the share the content #12
  37. www.TotalYouthResearch.com INFLUENCE is a function of TRUST not volume
  38. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 15% 54% 69% 78% How do you show your loyalty to a smartphone brand? I recommend the brand to others I buy more of the same brand I don’t consider other brands SOURCE: MOBILEYOUTH VIA FORRESTER 2014 % of 18-25 year olds who bought repeat brand phone FB Like RETENTION  DRIVES  ACQUISITION   Loyal  fans  are  more  likely  to  drive  new   customers  than  interact  on  social  media. #13
  39. www.TotalYouthResearch.com YOUTH we need to view every technology are social by design in its social context
  40. www.TotalYouthResearch.com 17% 45% 61% 92% Which of these friend groups would you invite to Snapchat? Close friends I trust to never share message Friends I’d forgive if they shared Most friends Others SOURCE: MOBILESQUARED 2014 TRUST  IS  KEY   Millennials care about privacy and share more with people they trust. #14
  41. flickr © sylviajade www.TotalYouthResearch.com 1 friend > 100 “friends” #15
  42. I hope you enjoyed my 
 top 15 statistics…
  43. If you’re interested in more then please read on…
  44. www.TotalYouthResearch.com BEFORE we try understand mobile technology we must first understand What it means to them
  45. www.TotalYouthResearch.com Get  more  data  and  insights  on   Mobile  Millennials  here