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LSCon 204 xAPI: An Introduction for Instructional Designers

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As adoption of xAPI takes hold, the convergence of working and learning offers instructional designers the opportunity to do more than ever before. xAPI allows for more robust tracking of the learning process, including learning that happens outside the LMS and on the job. As actual data is integrated with learning metrics, you can tailor the process to individual needs and draw useful conclusions about the learning as a whole.

xAPI lets you offer and track learning experiences that are outside the LMS box. As an instructional designer, are you ready to step up to this challenge? This session will cover three key areas that impact instructional design: (1) identifying learning data needs, data sources, and meaningful visualizations that answer organizational and L&D questions; (2) making choices about infrastructure—how and when to work with your LMS, your LRS, or both; and (3) models for taking advantage of xAPI across a variety of learning vectors: formal and informal, social and private, formative and summative, predictable and variable.

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LSCon 204 xAPI: An Introduction for Instructional Designers

  1. 1. xAPI: An Intro for Instructional Designers Megan Torrance Learning Solutions Conference 2018 | Session 204 iStock_000015727078
  2. 2. mtorrance@torrancelearning.com @MMTorrance | @xAPIGnome | @Tlearning Megan Torrance
  3. 3. Tour the campus & buildings Explore benefit package Take a skills assessment Attend webinar Attend a class Rate your experience Complete online course Observe the job being done Receive coaching Watch a video Follow a blog Read a book by an expert Elearning: Welcome & virtual tour Elearning: Log into LMS Elearning: Plant tour Class: Your benefits & you Class: Email and You Elearning: Who’s who Elearning: Our customers Class: Finance 101 Recorded webinar Webinar Multiple choice test Practice doing the job Job shadow Class: Using the intranet Onboarding Plan BOnboarding Plan A
  4. 4. xAPI is … X = experience API = application programming interface Specification for sending, storing, retrieving activity about learning and performance experiences Not so much “next generation SCORM” as it is “what will replace SCORM.” Experience API is … Tin Can API is …
  5. 5. SCORM Time Score Location Status Answers Actor verb object Actor verb object context xAPI lego.com
  6. 6. Learning Record Provider Content Activity Statement Learning Record Store You Other & Legacy data Adobe Stock 158410923
  7. 7. Mohammed wrote a blog post about local theatre that got 45 views and 3 commentsOron rated ATD event Essentials of Creating Learning Experiences with xAPI @MMTorrance 4 stars “coffee rocked, nice use of WebEx” Cynthia completed Oil Change Upselling score 60%Ladan simulated landing at DTW Arthi simulated landing at DTW in SimSuite #4 and was rated 98% by Instructor Claire read Business Writing for ProfessionalsJohn practiced frosting birthday cakes Lindsey watched the Company History video Rashad completed Oil Change Upselling
  8. 8. What can you do with xAPI? • Learn more about the learning experience – not just elearning • Learn more about the performance • Correlate learning with performance • Offer more targeted training • Support performance in better ways • Use data to learn with others • Compare performance and learning across learners • Deliver and track training outside of the LMS
  9. 9. ! Design a solution to meet stated needs ! Remove a kidney stone ! Provide verbal feedback to teammates ! Collect & enter data accurately ! Nail roof shingles safely Practice in Training Know . . . Business Goal that solves a Business Problem Adapted from: Cathy Moore
  10. 10. Kirkpatrick Levels of Training Evaluation + Cathy Moore 11 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 On the Job Behaviors ! Knowledge & Retention: Testing Business Results Level 1 Satisfaction & Experience
  11. 11. Brinkerhoff & Apking’s High Impact Learning Map Learning Objectives Critical Job Tasks Key Results Business Unit Results Organization Goals WHY? HOW?
  12. 12. Our brains are designed to forget 13 The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve https://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/1400/brain- science-overcoming-the-forgetting-curve Spaced repetition “Boostering”
  13. 13. The 70/20/10 Learning from Others Learning from ExperienceFormal Learning We are here now
  14. 14. Gottfredson & Mosher’s (& Torrance’s) Moments of Learning Need 5 Moments of Learning Need: Gottfredson & Mosher 9 Moments of Need: Torrance Apply New More Solve Change Before Prepare Remember Teach
  15. 15. 16 A D I+E D I+E D DD D TIME
  16. 16. Getting Started Adobe Stock 79551218
  17. 17. First pick a project SCORM is not the (best) answer. The project’s sponsor is on board. There’s plenty of data. You can capture or get to the data you need.
  18. 18. STEP 1: Send the data Use your current elearning authoring tools Get your product vendor to send the data Use xapiapps to assemble things that aren’t xAPI into a thing that is Write some custom code
  19. 19. AUTHORING TOOLS Out of the box: • SCORM-like transactions • Individual page views • Actions and triggers (depends) With a little JavaScript: • Any action or trigger you want More info: www.xapiquarterly.com (Sean Putman), xAPI Cohort Fall 2017 results THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE THIS LIST IS GROWING
  20. 20. MISC OTHER OPTIONS Not really “authoring tools,” but very deep learning experiences, LMCSes, etc. that send xAPI data. THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE THIS LIST IS GROWING
  21. 21. First tool we’ve found outside L&D that uses xAPI THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE THIS LIST IS GROWING
  22. 22. xapiapps
  23. 23. STEP 2: Receive the data Adobe Stock 134669543
  24. 24. The integrated approach Users Course s Enrollments SCOR M Data Reporting Courses Classe s Certs Badges SocialLearning Messaging Performance,Talenthooks Reporting Game s Sims Perf Supp Dash boards eCommerce Import/Export to Biz Data LRS SCOR M data
  25. 25. The managed ecosystem approach Users Courses Classe s eCommerce LRS Dash Boards Game s Sims Perf Supp Report s Social Performance, Talent Biz Data Other LRSes LMS Intranet Biz Data IoTwww.
  26. 26. The sidecar approach Users Course s Enrollments SCOR M Data Reporting Courses Classe s Certs Badges SocialLearning Messaging Performance,Talenthooks Reporting Game s Sims Perf Supp Dash boards eCommerce Import/Export to Biz Data Learning Record Provider Learning Record Provider LRS
  27. 27. LEARNING RECORD STORES Out of the box: • Data storage & retrieval • Visualizations & reporting Connecting to analytics • Tableau, Microsoft BI, Envision BI, etc. UP TO DATE LIST OF CONFORMANT LRS: https://adopters.adlnet.gov/ THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE THIS LIST IS GROWING
  28. 28. Take 2 aspirin… Adobe Stock 63038227
  29. 29. Start where you are Launch xAPI record providers from the LMS* (cmi5): • Digital Chalk • Learndash • Moodle (with plugin) • Other non-xAPI LMS Send xAPI from triggers in a SCORM course Export SCORM data from LMS to LRS * This is an incomplete list.
  30. 30. Wait for your LMS to adopt xAPI Offer to beta test. Get a sidecar LRS for your special projects and new projects. • Two sets of reports • Export xAPI “Completions” LMS
  31. 31. Start shedding SCORM Stop using SCORM where you can. If you have to, build for SCORM knowing you’ll use xAPI. • Flexible tools that do both • Follow best practices for xAPI now (xAPI Quarterly) Start asking the “x” question.
  32. 32. Start learning more … Vendor sites www.learnxapi.com and www.xapiquarterly.com xAPI Learning Cohort xAPI Camps & xAPI Party
  33. 33. FORMING STORMING NORMING PERFORMING xAPI needs geeks Geek-free tools emerge Communities of Practice work to define usage Conformance & Certification emerge Project Tin Can Specification Standard More common than SCORM Is xAPI ready for prime time?
  34. 34. Get started! www.torrancelearning.com/xapi- cohort Free 12-week, vendor-neutral learning-by-doing-in-teams experience. Weekly web meetings 2-3pm ET (recorded). Winter/Spring & Fall Ad hoc teams form to tackle a project together and provide weekly report- outs.