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Talent Management

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Talent management Employee Comms Employer Branding Social Learning Expertise Networks Leadership Dynamics
Talent Acquisition Goes Social
Employee engagement takes central stage
Performance Management goes agile
Torc’s Online Career Dashboard

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Talent Management

  1. 1. May 2012
  2. 2. Talent Management Technology Advances  Mobile Phones  iPads  Skype  High Bandwidth Internet Real Time Comms. Real Time Feedback Employee Employer Social Expertise Leadership Comms Branding Learning Networks Dynamics
  3. 3. Talent ManagementTalent Acquisition Goes Social Talent Acquisition Teams employer portal social media sourcing referrals, linkages, networks Reinvention of agencies more senior roles experts in social systems Job Boards dying Employer Branding (Marketing)
  4. 4. Talent ManagementEmployee engagement takes central stage  30% planning to leave  Employers seek more for less  Workforce becoming more contingent:  communications (mission)  leadership (coaching culture/ learning culture)  self awareness, career planning & development  modern rewards (social rewards?)  recognition of effort (not just success)  mobility  wellbeing
  5. 5. Talent ManagementPerformance Management goes agile Development Coaching Move towards dynamic real time models Continual Goal Review Coaching for better performance more important than weeding out the lower performers Feedback Assessment Role of line manager – become true people managers
  6. 6. Talent ManagementTorc’s Online Career Dashboard
  7. 7. Talent ManagementMobility• Dynamic internal movement Impact: careers engagement retention cost (recruitment)• Embrace professional (functional) and managerial progression Options: External assignment Upward promotion Stretch assignment Lateral assignment Part time loan Developmental assignment• Talent mobility requires advanced HR skills  Development planning  Talent assessment  Career Progression (online portal? – “build your own career” models)
  8. 8. Talent Management Other Issues  Talent Analytics  Job Matching  CRM (Candidate Relationship Management)  New HR Skills  Lean Processes Paddy Collins Torc Consulting Group 01 662 3020 pc@torc.ie www.torc.ie