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How to Integrate Search, Social Media & Content Marketing - Like A Rock Star

  1. @LeeOdden   How to Integrate Search, Social & Content Marketing Images:  Shu,erstock  
  2. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   About  Lee:     CEO,  Consultant   Speaker,  Blogger   Traveler,  Foodie   @LeeOdden     Content  -­‐  Social  -­‐  SEO  
  3. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Small Town Minnesota Roots Addicted to travel. And my kids.
  4. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Thank You Sarah!  
  5. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Enough About Me. What About You? Is Your Site Optimized for Search Engines? Is Your Business Active on Social Networks? Do You Create New Content Regularly?
  6. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   IBM:  “Understanding  Big  Data”   Every day, we create 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data. Image:  Shu,erstock  
  7. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Ubiquitous Connectivity 50 Billion connected  devices:  2020   Source: Ericcson Create   Consume   Publish   Interact   Transact  
  8. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Image:  Shu,erstock  
  9. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Customer Information Journey Image:  Shu,erstock   Voodoo  
  10. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Customer Information Journey
  11. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  
  12. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  
  13. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  
  14. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy PR   Radio   TV   Print   Word  of  Mouth   Direct  Mail   Email   Ecommerce   Store   FAQ   Knowledge  Base   Promo:ons   Newsle,er   Social  Networks   Blog  Website   Community   Forum   Online  Ads   Email   PPC   Social  Ads   Blog   Reviews   Media   PR   Social   Search   Optimize the Buying Cycle
  15. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Media is the Rock Star Image:  Shu,erstock   In the Online Marketing World  
  16. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   84% Source:  Marke:ngProfs   Content  Marke:ng  Ins:tute   Marketers Use Social Media
  17. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   100 BILLIONGoogle  Search  Queries  Per  Month   Source:  Search  Engine  Land   16%Of  daily  queries  on  Google   have  never  been  seen  before     Source:  Google  Internal  Data,  2011   81%Of  B2B  buyers  start  with   search  engines     Source:  DemandGen  Report  May  2012  
  18. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   B2B  &  B2C  Marketers   Increase  Content   Marke:ng  Spending   54% Source:  CMI  2012   55% Content Marketing #1
  19. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   What is Content Marketing? “Content Marketing is the planning, creation, promotion and measurement of content for a specific audience to influence a business outcome.” Image:  Shu,erstock  
  20. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Content Marketing Maturity Stasis Focus:  status  quo   Sta:c   Few  resources   Ini:al  experiments   Brand  centric   Production Focus:  quan:ty   Strategy   Process   Crea:on   “More  is  Be,er”   SEO  centric   Utility Focus:  quality   Func:onal,  useful   Customer  focused   Refined  process   Social  centric   Storytelling Focus:  experience   Seek  to  dominate  USP   Brand  leadership   Op:mized  buy  cycle   Integra:on   Mul:  &  Omni  Channel   Monetization Focus:  ecosystem     Marke:ng  ROI   Content  Publishing  ROI   Syndica:on  ROI   Services  ROI   Scale  
  21. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Content Marketing Tactics •  Ar0cle  Marke0ng     •  Advertorial     •  Blogging     •  Case  Studies   •  Crowdsource     •  Curate     •  Digital  NewsleIers   •  eBooks     •  Email     •  Interac0ve  Games   •  Images  &  Infographics   •  Interac0ve  Tools   •  Microsites   •  Mobile  Applica0ons     •  Mobile  Content     •  News  Release   •  Online  Magazines  &  Apps   •  Podcasts   •  Print  Magazines     •  Print  NewsleIers     •  Real-­‐World  Events     •  Research  &  Surveys     •  Social  Content     •  Teleclass  &  Telecasts     •  Tradi0onal  Media     •  Videos     •  Virtual  Conferences     •  Webinars     •  Wikis     •  White  Papers    
  22. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Image  Source:  Shu,erstock   BUT… Are They Integrated?
  23. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Image  Source:  Shu,erstock   Are They Optimizd?
  24. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Customer  Goals     +  Business  Value   =  Content  Marke0ng  Strategy Meet  Customer  Needs    =  Achieve  Business            Outcomes   Image  Source:  Shu,erstock   Alignment is Powerful
  25. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Stalking Dead Infographic Novel h,p://­‐videos/stalking-­‐dead.html  
  26. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   What’s Missing? How  will  it  be  promoted?   Can  you  really  count  on   “Going  Viral”?   Repurpose?  Reimagine?     Crea0ve  Needs  Promo0on:     Publicized  on  blogs  &  media   Op:mized  for  social,  search   “stalking  dead”  “infographic  novel”   Hub  &  Spoke      
  27. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Great content isn’t really great until it gets found, consumed, & shared.
  28. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Create  Awareness   CMWorld  Event   Feature  Speakers  Tips   eBook  Slideshare   Blog  Posts,  Email,  Social   40k  Views   1,000+  downloads    100+  referred  to  event   Source:  TopRank  Online  Marke:ng  2013  
  29. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   So, What’s the Connection? Search   Content  Social  
  30. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Content   Social  SEO  
  31. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  
  32. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent  
  33. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Cares About Content Source: Search Engine Land 3/11 Google’s POV on Quality Content:
  34. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   53% Of time on the internet is content consumption. AOL Nielsen U.S.: 27 millionshared per day AOL Nielsen Customers Care About Content Too
  35. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   SEO has changed forever. Social + Search + Content = WINNING
  36. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Search Ranking Factors Social  in  the  top  10:     Google+   Facebook  Shares   Facebook  Comments   Pinterest   Tweets  
  37. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Search Ranking Factors Social  Factors   Google+   Social  Shares,  Likes  
  38. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Influence on Search
  39. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Influence on Search
  40. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Influence on Search? Maybe Not
  41. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   What If We Spent A Little Less Time Chasing These Guys?
  42. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   And More Time Focusing on This
  43. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Integrated marketing means your brand is the best answer when & where buyers need it.
  44. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Promise of Integrated Marketing Audience Targeting Cross Channel Integration Adaptable, Optimizable Highly Measurable
  45. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Brand  USP   (Topic  -­‐  Keyword)   Blog   Posts   Industry  Media   Coverage   Press  Releases   Contributed   Ar:cles   Guest  Posts   Topical  Survey   “2013  Topic  XYZ   Survey”   Tips  &   Examples   eBook   Guide  to   B2B  Social   Co-­‐Created   Visual   eBook  with   Conference   Topical   Resource   Lists   Off  Site   Commen:ng   Speaking  at     Conferences   Prospect   Brand   Networking   Social   Networking   Community   SEO   Website   Category   Email   Newsle,ers  
  46. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   “What’s  a  good   framework  for   content  marke0ng   that’s   op0mized  and     socialized?”  
  47. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Discover   Consume   Act   Understand Your Customer Search  Keywords   Social  Topics   Adver:sing   Publica:ons   Events   Word  of  Mouth     Text,  Images,  Audio,  Video   Mobile,  Tablet,  Computer   Formal,  Funny,  Long,  Short   Social  Share   Engage  (comment)   Subscriber   Register   Inquire   Buy  
  48. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   AIract   Engage   Op0mize  360   Convert  
  49. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Preferences Pain Points Behaviors Search & Social Data Sources Editorial Calendar, Repurpose Social & SEO Networking, PR, Linking Who are you writing for? What do they care about? What stories will connect you? Make it easy to find & share awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Optimized – Socialized - Publicized
  50. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Persona:   “Admin  Jane”   Influences  CEO     Values:   =  Fast   =  Save  $   =  Service   Fast   Save  $   Service   Blog   awareness consideration purchase retention advocacyinterest Facebook   Byline   PPC   Email  Offer   Locator   Tips  Ar:cles   Newsle,er   Blog   Soc  Net   Ads   Press     Blog   Reviews   PPC   Discount   Loyalty   Community   VIP   Referral   Ar:cle   Media   Reviews   Blog   Display   Offers   Network   Thank  You   Referral   Rewards   Content:   =  Topics   =  Keywords   =  Media  &  Channel   Optimize Across the Lifecycle Be the Best Answer!
  51. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Hub & Spoke Promotion, Networking
  52. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social Hub
  53. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Community  >  300K   Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Flickr LinkedIn Slideshare White Papers Google+ Guides Book Webinars Articles Newsroom Social Creation & Curation Guest Posts Events eBooks Pinterest Blog
  54. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Topical  Focus   Author  Rel   Keywords   Social  Topics   Brand     Customer   Keyword  Glossary   Category   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Category   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords   Keywords     Blogs Tech  SEO  Audit   Analy:cs   Monitoring   Conversions   Master SEO Basics
  55. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social & Search Integration h,ps://   “The  true  cost  of  remaining   anonymous  might  be  irrelevance.”   Eric  Schmidt,  Google  
  56. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Optimize & Socialize
  57. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Download  XLS  at:   Search Keywords – Social Topics
  58. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Download  XLS  at:    h,p://   Editorial Plan: Optimized
  59. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Brand Repurposed Curated Amplification Social Syndication Off Site Posts Optimized Amplify Your Content Evergreen Co-Created
  60. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Be Visual Consumers  are  44%  more   likely  to  engage  with  brands   if  they  post  pictures  than   any  other  media   ROI  Research   Viewers  are  85%  more  likely  to  purchase  a  product  ater  watching  a  product  video.   Internet  Retailer  
  61. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Coordinate Visual Promotion
  62. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent
  63. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social   Hub   Topic  B   Topic  C   Topic  D  Topic  A   Topic  E   Evolve Your Hub: Constellation
  64. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Be Human - Use Humor Next  Closest  Popular  Video:   139,400  views  |  2  years  ago  
  65. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social - Humor
  66. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Engage Offline to Online
  67. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Social – Participation & CTA
  68. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   •  Fans   •  Friends   •  Followers   •  Comments   •  Likes   •  Google  Plusses   •  Links   •  SERPs   •  Search  Traffic   KPIs & Business Outcomes •  Shorter  Sales  Cycles   •  Increased  Order  Quan:ty   •  More  Referrals   •  Lower  Marke:ng  Costs   •  Grow  Revenue   •  Improve  Profits   •  Reten:on   •  Share  of  Voice   •  Improve  Service    
  69. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Measure  &  Op0mize   Inbound  /  Outbound   Social  Networking   Content  Op0miza0on   Crea0on  &  Cura0on   Content  Plan   Keyword  &  Topic  Research   Audience  &  Personas   Integrated:  Content,  Search,  Social  
  70. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   4 Takeaways Know  your  target  customer  preferences:   discovery,  consump:on,  ac:on   Map  content  topics  to  the  buying  cycle   Plan  amplifica:on  in  the  content  plan:   op:mize,  socialize,  publicize   Start  tes:ng  tools  &  develop  processes  –  it’s   the  only  way  to  scale   1 2 3 4
  71. @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   @LeeOdden  #smrockstarevent   Thank You! - Q & A Lee  Odden   Download  Free  Content  Template:     h,p://  

Notas do Editor

  1. 545893391811987246875031
  2. 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years
  7. AlgorithmsPandasPengins
  8. In an interview with Wired Magazine, Udi Manber, Google’s head of search, said that Google will make as many as 550 changes to its search algorithm this year
  9. Customers do53% of time spent on the Internet is directly attributable to content consumption. AOL Nielsen May 2011
  15. AlgorithmsPandasPengins
  18. Last year they were averaging 70 visits to the website/month from Facebook, and in 2013 they’re averaging 387/monthFacebook community engagement has remained high, with 90% of their audience now interacting with the brand, an increase of 76% with a community seven times larger,
  21. Dutch’s “Joke of the Week” is a weekly “Ole and Lena” joke, as those are the kinds of jokes Dutch (The Cragun’s Owner) tells at the weekly “Welcome Dinner” held at Cragun’s for guests
  22. I’d rather be at Cragun’s” – People feel a sense of loyalty to Cragun’s as it’s a family-oriented resort, where you know the owners and experience “old-fashioned fun” on the lake. With most of the guests being repeat customers, we wanted to play into that sense of loyalty. We gave them this image, asking them to “like” it if it represented them – generating almost 200 likes
  23. This picture is of a sand sculpture built on the beach at Cragun’s Resort guests/staff built this, then they asked the Facebook community to name it!