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Creating a MIssion Statement

An outline of the steps for creating a mission statement in the digital content industry.

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Creating a MIssion Statement

  2. 2. The first step toward creating effective client relationships is by establishing a client focused mission statement writing it down, and sharing it with everyone that works in the company and its existing and potential clients.
  3. 3. The mission statement will convey to clients and potential clients the essence of the company and the manner in which business is done. The mission statement will be useful for the company’s clients The mission statement can be a powerful tool for attracting and keeping clients.
  4. 4. “ They look aggressive, Sire, but let’s wait until we see their mission statement”. The three parts to a mission statement are: Purpose – Business - Values
  5. 5. Why are you creating digital media products and services? What do you hope to accomplish? What are you committed to providing to the company clients? THE COMPANY’S PURPOSE e.g. Assist clients to enhance their business operations. Creating a Mission Statement
  6. 6. THE COMPANY’S BUSINESS Who are the company’s clients, and what products and services are provided. What are the clients’ requirements? What services can you provide to address those requirements? e.g. Provide innovative, high quality digital media products. Creating a Mission Statement
  7. 7. THE COMPANY’S VALUES The values expressed in the company mission statement emphasise what you are aiming for. Does the company emphasise responsiveness, maintenance, quality, creativity and innovation? What is most important to the company, and how does it want to be known? e.g. To support clients with responsive services and advice. Creating a Mission Statement
  8. 8. “ THAT’S OUR NEW MISSION STATEMENT” Assist clients to enhance their business operations by providing innovative, high quality digital media products and responsive services and advice.
  9. 9. TIPS Use ‘we’ to emphasise the company as a whole, and focus on the company’s culture and strategies. <ul><li>Make it easy to understand. A good mission statement fosters commitment, motivation, and inspiration. </li></ul><ul><li>Circulate a draft of the mission statement before it is finalised for review and comment by staff and clients. </li></ul>
  10. 10. What’s the business? To create the premier skater's portal . What’s the purpose? Learn about skating, share ideas with other skaters, and find the products they're looking for from the companies they respect. What are the values? Engaging and in-depth content, skating tips, active message boards, skate products and reviews. To be the de facto resource for the skater market by providing all of the information, entertainment, and product reviews that a skater needs. To create a productive online skate community where skaters can meet and talk with each other. Preparing a mission statement for iRippage.com a website for skateboarders :