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Poster presentation

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Poster presentation

  1. 1. Background- The background uses binary opposites in the way of the main background being white, a sign of innocence and purity which could be associated with the character. However over the top of the white background is it’s binary opposite of black smoke which is formed into a growling face which is directly behind the protagonist which here shows that this person could be what is causing the disturbance of equilibrium in the film but also as the black masks over some of the white background it also applies enigma as to whether it has something to do with the protagonist in a way that it could show something dark is in or something dark has happened to the protagonist so he is both good and bad at the same time. <br />Lettering- While the image and the background have a very binary opposite with the use of colour, the writing and font used are either written in red or highlighted in it or used in a silver colour which resembles a blade, tying in with the title and also the blade which he is wielding in his hands. By having the title in this style of a blade and the use of highlighting it in blood the audience are able to assume that the protagonist uses the blade in a way to kill, supporting the black which masks the white behind him. The red lettering also shows a binary opposite compared with the white and the silver which shows innocence and purity while<br />
  2. 2. The red that surrounds the outside of it or is shown above the protagonist relates to the black it shows death and danger and has the film is based around vampires this more represents the image of blood and could also show how this may be the protagonist and the antagonist’s weakness, causing the black to mask the white as it shows the antagonist isn’t that innocent after all. <br />Image- <br />In this image we see the symbiotic factors of the antagonist wearing black leather which would normally represent him being a evil character but here could just show him being a deadly and a menacing character who shouldn’t be messed with. His stance is that of a someone getting prepared to fight and the use of a sword in his hand shows him ready for a fight. The dark clothing is another binary opposite of the white background so again this shows the character as having a good and a dark side. <br />
  3. 3. This poster shows a lot of binary opposites in the way of the background and the colours used over the top of the images of protagonists and antagonists. <br />Background- The background mainly consists of the colours black and has layered colours of red splatted over the top, together a sign of danger and blood. As the film is based on a gang, such images that are normally associated with a gang such as two roses on the top of the poster which symbolise love and passion, two crosses which are religious symbols and can also be seen as a sign to be used as a grave stone or a symbol of resurrection and the skull with bat wings which is situated just above the sign of lost boys which symbolises death or even the properties that are given to a vampire such as them being dead and retaining wings for flight. <br />The binary opposition here is that the portraits of the protagonists and the antagonists are all in white, the right side being the protagonist side while the antagonist side on the left which in contrast to the right hand side is covered in red which is splatted in a way to look like blood so from this and also the fangs and the crazed expressions would make the audience assume they are the vampires and the reason why the equilibrium has been disturbed and also could answer enigma as to what they are but not what they have done or planning to do. <br />
  4. 4. The binary opposition is the white coloured faces against the black and red stained background and the blood splatters over the faces and the poster clearly shows the different sides in the film, the protagonist who are portrayed as being the innocent and pure humans and are only shown in white compared to the antagonists who look crazed and evil and have blood splatted over their faces and more so on their side of the poster. <br />Other factors of the poster are the two characters at the bottom of the poster who are covered in blood, this may be a sign to the audience that this characters are in danger or may even end up dead or a target from the antagonists. However, though the two characters at the bottom of the poster are covered in red, the only thing that isn’t is the moon which is white even though the moon has conventions of being supernatural and the time of danger, it is shown on the left hand side along with the antagonists so to them is the sign of them being able to come out to play with the protagonists. It could also show the time when the antagonists are shown in their true forms which we see in the poster on the left hand side. <br />