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General competencies

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ENT cognitive competencies

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General competencies

  1. 1. General Competencies
  2. 2. General competencies Cognitive competencies What do we usually do during an AUDIT Conference schedule
  3. 3. COMPETENCIES Cognitive Psychomotor Affective Interpersonal skills Communication skills *competencies gained are expected to be carried on to the subsequent year level. Should be attained at the end of the training for the specified year level
  4. 4. COGNITIVE Discuss FULLY anatomy, histology, embryology. & physiology of the head & neck structures & wound healing Discuss fully the principles of techniques of diagnosis & physical examination in ORL-HNS Discuss fully the principles of management for common, uncomplicated ORL-HNS disorders
  5. 5. COGNITIVE Make appropriate, timely referrals Evaluate patients: Obtain adequate history Perform adequate PE Order the appropriate diagnostic tests/procedures Plan INITIAL treatment for the patient w/ consideration given to other management approaches Recognize complications & impending problems Plan continuing care. Long term management, &/or future preventive action for the patient.
  6. 6. COGNITIVE all competencies of the 1st year PLUS.. Discuss the pathology & pathophysiology of ENT diseases Discuss the management of common, complicated ENT disorders
  7. 7. COGNITIVE 2nd year Evaluate patients: Formulate & initiate management of patients Recognize complications & impending problems Provide continuing care for patients post-operatively & on OPD follow-up
  8. 8. COGNITIVE Discuss fully the principles of surgical management of ORL disorders Manage patient from pre-op to post-op periods Recognize complications & impending problems
  9. 9. COGNITIVE 4th year Discuss fully the principles of management of ORL disorders surgically managed by year IV residents Discuss the principles of prevention & management of complications in ORL surgeries Manage complications Co-manage patients with multi-specialty problems
  10. 10. admissions referrals
  11. 11. General competencies Cognitive competencies What do we usually do during an AUDIT Conference schedule
  12. 12. General Competencies