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“Everywhere I go, I try The Other Hundred Stories from Around Asia

“Everywhere I go, I try to show the human side of
a country. What’s behind the headlines that you
see or read in the media,” writes Eric Lafforgue.
“I’ve been six times to North Korea. Every time
they’ve opened new places to visit, and I’ve kept
on meeting local people.
“My contact with them has always been good.
On my first visit in 2008, they wanted to see the
pictures on my camera screen. Nowadays,
especially in parks and at funfairs, they often ask
me to pose for them and take a picture of me
with their camera.
“In Jung Pyong Ri, a small seaside village, tourists
are allowed to share food and sleep in the homes
of local fishermen. For sure, these people are
more privileged than many, and propaganda may
be everywhere, but they have kept a warm side if
you make the effort to discover it.
“North Koreans aren’t the robots they are often
portrayed as in Western newspapers and

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