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Building Slack Bots with Google Cloud API

How to build a scalable Slack chatbot: Find out best practices for chatbots user experience and how to build these bots using GCP serverless technologies.

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Building Slack Bots with Google Cloud API

  1. 1. Building Slack Bots with Google Cloud Tomomi Imura (@girlie_mac) #GDGCloudSF
  2. 2. @girlie_mac Tomomi Imura Slack @girlie_mac
  3. 3. @girlie_mac Bret McGowen @bretmcg Google The content is created with: Thankyou!
  4. 4. @girlie_mac What are Bots? A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts). Typically, bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone.
  5. 5. @girlie_mac What are Bots? Bots also are a user experience that can expose products and services to users through conversational engagement and rich interactions.
  6. 6. @girlie_mac !
  7. 7. @girlie_mac
  8. 8. @girlie_mac Google Cloud Functions Slack PlatformSlack Client Events Web API Events Web API Bot Architecture Example
  9. 9. @girlie_mac Bot Interactions Bot Interaction Types and Slack Platform Features
  10. 10. @girlie_mac Interactions 1 - Slash commands
  11. 11. @girlie_mac The example payload sent to the configured external URL via HTTP POST: token=gIkuvaNzQIHg97ATvDxqgjtO team_id=T0001 team_domain=example channel_id=C2147483705 channel_name=general user_id=U2147483697 user_name=bob command=/weather text=94901 response_url=https://hooks.slack.com/commands/1234/5678 trigger_id=13345224609.738474920.8088930838d88f008e0 Slash commands
  12. 12. @girlie_mac Send back a plain text or JSON response with HTTP 200 “OK”: { "text": "It's 80 degrees right now.", "attachments": [ { "text": "Partly cloudy today and tomorrow" } ] } Slash commands
  13. 13. @girlie_mac ★ Name the command thoughtfully ★ Avoid a generic command e.g. /find ★ Format the results ★ Even if no reply is posted back, respond w/ HTTP 200 Slash Command Best Practice
  14. 14. @girlie_mac Slash Command Use Cases - CRM
  15. 15. @girlie_mac Interactions 2 - Notifications
  16. 16. @girlie_mac Notifications POST Request to chat.postMessage (https://slack.com/api/...) POST /api/chat.postMessage Content-type: application/json Authorization: Bearer xoxa-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx {"channel":"C061EG9SL","text":"Hello, human."}
  17. 17. @girlie_mac
  18. 18. @girlie_mac ★ Format the text ★ Keep it simple ★ Use emoji effectively ★ Do not ever never spam users! Notification Best Practice
  19. 19. @girlie_mac Interactions 3 - Conversations
  20. 20. @girlie_mac Conversations Listening to events
  21. 21. @girlie_mac Conversations Listening to events "event": { "type": "message", "channel": "C2147483705", "user": "U2147483697", "text": "Hello world", "ts": "1355517523.000005" } If your bot sees trigger words, send back a message with chat.postMessage
  22. 22. @girlie_mac ★ Let users know how the bot works w/ thoughtful onboarding / guide ★ Support keywords like help ★ Combine w/ rich interactions like buttons Conversational Bots Best Practice
  23. 23. @girlie_mac Interactions 4 - UI Elements Make the interactions richer w/ buttons & menus
  24. 24. @girlie_mac Interactions 4 - UI Elements Make the interactions richer w/ dialogs
  25. 25. @girlie_mac Use Cases - Project Management
  26. 26. @girlie_mac Bot Interactions Summary Slash commands - Send results on user’s demand Notifications - Send reports or alerts into a conversation Bot conversations - Facilitate short workflows Rich interactions - Augmenting all of these with actionable buttons, menus, dialogs, etc.
  27. 27. @girlie_mac Demo
  28. 28. 28 Emoji Reaction (“Reacji”) Event
  29. 29. @girlie_mac Reacjilator Triggers by an emoji reaction event Translation API event:{ type: 'reaction_added', user: 'U5R3PALPN', item: { type: 'message', channel: 'C5TS6D8CC', ts: '1508284331.000239' }, reaction: 'flag-jp', item_user: 'U5R3PALPN', event_ts: '1508284554.000254' } Extract the message with conversation.replies method reaction_added event is triggered 1 2
  30. 30. @girlie_mac Source code https://github.com/slackapi/reacjilator
  31. 31. @girlie_mac Building AI Assistants on GCP
  32. 32. @girlie_mac High-level Bot Architecture Business logic Database HTTP Machine Learning
  33. 33. @girlie_mac w/Natural Language Processing Business logic Database HTTP Machine Learning Dialogflow HTTP
  34. 34. @girlie_mac What is NLP? Process and analyze natural language data to make the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages possible
  35. 35. @girlie_mac NLP w/ Dialogflow Dialogflow Unstructured Text (Human Understandable) User Intent (Machine Understandable) Hey, @officebot
  36. 36. @girlie_mac Dialogflow https://console.dialogflow.com
  37. 37. @girlie_mac But wait, do you really need NLP / AI?
  38. 38. @girlie_mac Notifications Slash Commands Conversational
  39. 39. @girlie_mac Notifications Slash Commands Conversational Nuh Maybe Yass!
  40. 40. @girlie_mac GCP All the Things! Cloud Functions Cloud Datastore HTTP JSON request Dialogflow Cloud ML Vision
  41. 41. @girlie_mac Demo
  42. 42. 42 Keanu Bot
  43. 43. @girlie_mac KianuBot Architecture Cloud Functions DialogflowSlack Server Slack Client Cloud Functions Query FulfillmentEvent
  44. 44. @girlie_mac Source code https://github.com/bretmcg/keanubot By Alan Ho & Bret McGowen
  45. 45. @girlie_mac But keep in mind... Bot interface is really a human interface. Write code for machine, but build bots for human!
  46. 46. @girlie_mac Thank you! @girlie_mac BY-SA
  47. 47. @girlie_mac Resources Slack API https://api.slack.com Google Cloud - Slack Tutorial https://cloud.google.com/functions/docs/tutorials/slack Slack Platform Blog https://medium.com/slack-developer-blog/