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Being a Tech Speaker with Global Mindset

This talk was supposed to be given at Global Diversity CFP Day 2020 in San Francisco but got canceled due to COVID-19.

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Being a Tech Speaker with Global Mindset

  1. 1. Being a Tech Speaker with Global MindSet Global Diversity CFP Day 2020 San Francisco, California Canceled due to COVID
  2. 2. @girlie_mac Hello, I am Tomomi 👋 ● Developer advocate at Slack Microsoft ● Software engineer ● Tech Speaker ● Tech Writer ● Doodler ● Advisor for a programming bootcamp ● Cat lady of The InterWeb changed since when I supposed to give this talk!
  3. 3. @girlie_mac Tech WorlSummit Stockholm, Swedn DevRel Summit Singapore Singapore, SIngapore NodeFest Tokyo Tokyo, Japan ForwardJS San Francisco, USA Voxxed Athens Athens, Greece Modern Web Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan JS Kongress Munich, Germany Nordic.JS Stockholm,Swede n NodePDX Portland, USA CRAFT Conf Budapest, Hungary RenderConf Oxford, UK ✈ And more...
  4. 4. @girlie_mac Being a Local Speaker “The next speaker is Tomomi from Slack [a local company]!” 🎤
  5. 5. @girlie_mac Being a Global Speaker “The next speaker is Tomomi from America!” 🎤
  6. 6. @girlie_mac “We are not in Kansas anymore!” A Phrase referencing The Wizard of Oz, used to express the realization that you are no longer in a place that one knows or where one is comfortable; to be in a completely unfamiliar and/or discomfiting environment.
  7. 7. @girlie_mac Global Mindset Checklist: Pop Culture Don’t be US-centric! American pop culture is not always global pop culture: ● Do people know the movie quote? If the answer is “probably yes”, adding a graphical reference may be helpful. ● Do people get your joke?
  8. 8. @girlie_mac Global Mindset Checklist: Language ● Is English the first language of your audience? ● Do people understand your puns?
  9. 9. @girlie_mac Global Mindset Checklist: Cultural Differences ● Are the graphics & design in your slides universally acceptable / understandable? (e.g. red vs. green) ● Check the appropriate attire / dress code before packing! ● Trying local cuisine is awesome, but your dietary restriction/preference may not be an option. Ask organizers first
  10. 10. Don’t get lost in translation...
  11. 11. @girlie_mac Japan Dev Community Fun Facts 📅 Dev conferences are often held on weekend Not common for Engineers to take day off for a conference 🍣 Food is likely served in the end of an evening meetup Hungry developers 📣 Auld Lang Syne means GTFO!
  12. 12. @girlie_mac Everything Kawaii & Manga 📚 Kawaii swags & self-publishing manga 🐸 Anime costumes 👼 Personification & “Characters” https://ameblo.jp/memasite/entry-10914407296.html
  13. 13. @girlie_mac Everything Kawaii & Manga I am doing Japan right 👍
  14. 14. @girlie_mac However; Business Meetings in Japan ● Forget everything I just said in the previous 2 slides! ● Bowing is essential 🙇 ● Business card exchange is a must
  15. 15. @girlie_mac Being an International Speaker In a nutshell
  16. 16. @girlie_mac Dos & Don’ts ● Do research ● Do speak slowly & clearly in non-English speaking countries ● Do explain when you make some cultural/regional references ● Do use graphical references ● Do use metric system where appropriate (✖ 75F ✔24C) ● Do make cat jokes (== universal jokes) Pretty much everywhere outside of the US
  17. 17. @girlie_mac Dos & Don’ts ● Don’t hesitate to say something nice in their language ● Don’t assume everybody is familiar with US culture & politics ● Well, avoid talking politics, actually ● Don’t be a jerk (no matter where you are!)
  18. 18. Thank you! Tomomi Imura (@girlie_mac)