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People Perform Better When They Can Be Themselves

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Helsinki´s Executive Director Tommi Laitio´s presentation on diversity and inclusion at Business Finland Venture Capital´s breakfast meeting 7.11.2019.

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People Perform Better When They Can Be Themselves

  1. 1. People Perform Better When They Can Be Themselves Executive Director for Culture and Leisure Tommi Laitio @tommilaitio
  2. 2. 20 million experiences a year Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  3. 3. Tommi Community Organizer - Journalist - Researcher - Executive Leading a team of 1800 professionals ranging from facility managers to professional musicians Budget 216 million euros Gay man living with an American expat headhunting talent for VC-backed startups Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  4. 4. Helsinki • New neighborhoods and people • More kids, more seniors • New business • Best education in the world • City of the arts Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  5. 5. Minority status is not equal to weakness. Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  6. 6. Question of Competence and Efficiency Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  7. 7. Benefits • Understanding customers • Making more educated decisions • Identifying blind spots • Recognizing business opportunities • Avoiding brand-destroying disasters • Attracting and keeping talent Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  8. 8. It is about us, not them. We all have families and friends.Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  9. 9. Skills, self-determination, reciprocity Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  10. 10. Focus on skills, attitudes will follow. Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  11. 11. Skills • Encouraging curiosity • Holding on to and supporting dissent and difference of views • Thanking for critique • Unconscious bias training • Staying in the zone of not knowing • Asking open questions Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)
  12. 12. With great power comes great responsibility. Tommi Laitio (@tommilaitio)