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UK Department of Education intranet transformation case study w Erica Hodgson igf oct 2015

UK Department of Education intranet transformation case study w Erica Hodgson at the Intranet Global Forum in New York City, Oct 2015

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UK Department of Education intranet transformation case study w Erica Hodgson igf oct 2015

  1. 1. Get IT
 Now that we’ve built it 
 how do we get them to use it? Erica Hodgson IT/Digital transformation
  2. 2. 2 The Department
  3. 3. 3 The culture
  4. 4. 4 The complication
  5. 5. 6.The challenge
  6. 6. Single  search  interface  Improved  core  relevance  ranks   the  best  search  results  more  frequently,  includes  new   way  to  explore  informa=on  through  search   refinements.   !  Basic  informa=on  on  the  Department’s  directorates  and   Execu=ve  Agencies   !  Latest  news  ar=cles  and  upcoming  events   !  Making  Policy,  a    guide  on  the  Department’s  methodology   to  develop  policy   !  The  Knowledge,  provides  easy  access  to     approved  Departmental  briefing     informa=on   !  Personalised  site  where  users  can  manage  and     publish  their  profiles,  including  interests,     areas  of  exper=se   !  My  Status,  provides  an  update  on  user’s  current  status   !  Recent  Ac9vi9es,  a  personalised  view  of  user     recent  ac=vi=es  within  the  Knowledge  Management   environment   !  When  accessing  a    user’s  profile,  one    can  see  a   personalised  list  of  people,  content,  sites  and  personal   details  that  you  have  in  common   !  Offers  a  range  of  func=onality  to  increase  the   relevancy  of  content  and  for  users  to  comment  on   content   !  Tags  enable  users  to  save  items  of  interest  and    connect   with  others  who  share  their  interests   !  Noteboard  helps  users  express  their  thoughts  in  the   immediate  context  rather  than  having  to  move  to  email,  IM   or  phone   !  Users  can  comment  on  the  news  and  start  a  discussion   about  the  ar=cle   !  Provides  a  document-­‐centric  collabora=on  environment   where  user  can  create  sites,    with  restricted  access,  that   allow  to  store,  share  and  edit  documents  and  declare   records   !  Within  a  Workplace,  users  can  add  a  range  of  other   collabora=ve  features  such  as  discussion  boards,  surveys,   announcements,  wikis,  blogs  joint  calendars   !  Users  can  choose  to  keep  content  private  by  declaring   it  as  a  private  record   Intranet   TeamSites  and     Records   Management   My  Site   Collabora7ve   Content   Review   User   Content  search   Provides  search  func=onality  similar  to  an  address   book  with  beOer  name  matching,  making  it  easier  to   find  people  by  name,  =tle,  and  organisa=onal   structure   People  search   5. The Plan
  7. 7. 8 The site
  8. 8. Marke=ng   9 The first launch
  9. 9. 10 The MarComm campaign Content  Editor   Accessibility  Representa4ve   Policy  Maker  Service  User  
  10. 10. 11 The WOW factor
  11. 11. “I am sure your team has had a hard slog of getting this up and running but I am sure it will help the business once people are using it. I have already set up a lot on the system and I see lots of potential there.” “When my initial panic was over I was really impressed. It seems much simpler than Prism and is easy to use‘” "We needed a change. We've had the last one for so long now" “I think My Sites will be a really powerful asset to the department once people have populated them correctly” “I have completed My Site profile, which I actually enjoyed to my surprise” “It’s user friendly and much less intimidating or confusing than Prism. It also looks much more up to date and the information is easier to get to – excellent!” “I think everyone likes the look and layout” “I really like the new intranet, it's great. I love the My Site section and the fact that I can add colleagues and see when they are in the office, out of the office, where they are and when they are free when I hover over their names, it's brilliant” “Looks much better than the old intranet, thanks for showing me around, great training session” 12 The launch
  12. 12. 13 The upgrade
  13. 13. BeOer  Policy  
  14. 14. Handbook  1/2  
  15. 15. The  Knowledge  1/2  
  16. 16. My  site  1/8  
  17. 17. My  site  2/8  
  18. 18. My  site  3/8  
  19. 19. Workplaces  2/2  
  20. 20. Business  change   Marke=ng   25 The tale of two launches
  21. 21. 7 The Big Idea
  22. 22. Early  adopters   Early  majority   Laggards  Late  majority  Early  adopters   Early     majority   Laggards  Late     majority   26 The shift
  23. 23. 27 The people
  24. 24. 28 The method
  25. 25. Invisibles   Digital  by   Defaults   SCS   money  spent  on  engagement   profiles   See  IT   Ask  IT   Usual   suspects   34 The reach See  IT   Use  IT   Ask  IT   See  IT   Ask  IT  
  26. 26. 35 The end