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Pailz for your team

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Introducing better business processes to your agency or SME need not cost the world.

Pailz brings enterprise class workflow management software to you in a simplified form any business can use.

The presentation outlines the three main processes Pailz supports - these are the building blocks of any business:

"assigned tasks" - a workflow to ensure you can track whether an assigned task is completed or not

"group of tasks" - upload a group of tasks in one go and track them. Great for meeting actions!

"pail of tasks" - add any unallocated tasks (such as marketing actions) to a pail so that any member of your team can commit to doing them.

Don't drop the ball! Make sure every meeting action gets done.

Contact me via toby@pailz.com for a Skype demo or face to face meeting in London, UK.

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Pailz for your team

  1. 1. Pailz brings better business processes to your team Every meeting action done!
  2. 2. Recognise these problems?Assigned tasks are never Important client balls arequite signed off “dropped”Agreed meeting tasks get Similar issues come up timeforgotten and againUpdating the web site falls Marketing efforts lack paceoff the radar when everyone and online content looksis busy tired
  3. 3. What Pailz can doTrack a workflow for an assigned taskTrack meeting actions till doneManage shared “pails” – eg. Marketing actions, so thateveryone can see marketing tasks that need doing
  4. 4. 1. Track workflow for assigned tasksSend tasks direct to acolleague’s pailTrack as it is completed to yoursatisfaction
  5. 5. 2. Track meeting actionsCreate a list of actions fromeach meeting for colleagues tocomplete from the minutesAdd to Pailz and track untilcomplete
  6. 6. 3. Manage shared pails“Unassigned” tasks for anyone in ateamEg. a “marketing actions” pail withtasks for someone to do.
  7. 7. Marketing actions pailSee list of possibletasksOnly commit to those Ican doNow we can all seewhat is, and what isn’t,being done
  8. 8. PailzBetter process management for yourbusines, to ensure every meeting actiongets done!Using three simple building blocks:Single task processGroup of tasks processPails
  9. 9. Social features...Comment on any taskHyperlink to reference other web softwareVote on a colleague’s taskUse “TaskRank” intelligent prioritizationView a colleague’s tasksInvite new people to work via shared pails
  10. 10. Benefits for the businessPailz improves service:QualityReliabilityProfitabilityCustomer satisfactionAnd makes it easy to:Train new staffAnalyse performanceImprove processes
  11. 11. Installation via Google Chrome store
  12. 12. And a Google accountSign up using aGoogle Account
  13. 13. Pricing1-5 colleagues: Free5-100 colleagues: $10 per month per user
  14. 14. Next stepsRun a two week internal trialSchedule a post-trial feedback sessionContact the Pailz team in London for a demo presentation face to face orvia Skype
  15. 15. Trial benefitsGet team thinking about improving the “way we work”Discover new processes where management could beimprovedGet a nice Pailz coffee mug. ;) [Londoners only sorry]
  16. 16. Contact me:Toby Beresfordtoby@pailz.comPailz @TechHub76-80 City RoadLondon EC1Y 2BJUK