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Homework tips

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Some helpful tips for parents on homework

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Homework tips

  1. 1.  Establish a time to do homework  Set a regular time to do homework each night  Consistency is important Create a place to do Homework Quiet Well lit area Away from distractions (NO TV, radio, cell phone, etc) Have the right study materials
  2. 2.  Children who are involved in regular routines at home tend to do better in school  A routine can guide you in helping your children with homework
  3. 3.  Offer rewards  Reinforce positive efforts  Try to entice your child with extra TV or game time if they finish their homework Be available To answer any questions your child may have Do a problem together, then watch your child as he/she tries the next one alone
  4. 4. BREAK IT UP TAKE BREAKS Don’t lay all of the work  Watch your child for out at once signs of frustration Try doing ONE subject  Let your child take a at a time short break ONE section at a time  Set a timer and when Don’t want it to seem timer goes off then back too OVERWHELMING to homework
  5. 5.  Homework hassles between parents and children are nonproductive What you can do is foster an attitude of cooperation Your child will study more willingly if he/she helps make the rules to homework/studying Compromise can work wonders Negotiate a homework contract with your child
  6. 6.  The contract should A clause on be quite simple penalties/and or rewards based on Just spelling out how well your child is when, where and how complying with the long your child with contract study Let’s take a moment to To ensure that the talk about what could contract works, it can be rewards or be helpful to include: consequences